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How is the character Dora presented in the first four chapters of Iris Murdoch's 'The Bell'?

d in her relationship, talking of his 'haunting' actions while they are apart, with his letters and telephone calls, and the 'persecution of his presence', showing that Dora is harassed and bullied by ...

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Voice over Internet Protocol.

t is Voice over Internet Protocol and how dose it work? It's a technology for transmitting ordinary telephone calls over the Internet using packet-linked routes. Also called IP telephony. In English i ... packet-linked routes. Also called IP telephony. In English it means it's a system from transmitting telephone calls over data networks, such as the ones that make up the Internet. For example instead ...

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Internet Article: Patient Confidentiality Takes on a New Meaning.

Notes are left on the front desk, patient charts are unsecured, and information is disclosed during telephone calls because we assume the person on the other end of the telephone is an appropriate rec ...

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What factors affect the demand of mobile telephone products?

IntroductionThis project is about analysing the factors affecting the demand of mobile telephone products. The case study that will be included is the current state of the UK mobile telec ... its four consumer operators.Before this can be discussed, it is important to understand how mobile telephones have developed over the past decade. Up until about six years ago, peoples mobile telepho ... ould be "cloned" easily by hackers who wished to make free calls. Because of these setbacks, mobile telephones stayed mainly in the hands of businesses, which needed to contact their employees and did ...

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Satelite industry and international trade.

their use in weather reports, television transmission by DIRECTV and the DISH Network, and everyday telephone calls.From over eight thousand atificial objects orbiting Earth near 2,500 are satellites, ... face of stiff resistance from Intelsat's members, which included most of the world's then-monopoly telephone companies--to gain 'landing rights' in a sufficient number of countries to make its servic ...

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Technology in our changing business world: This is a persuasive essay convincing bussiness professionals to keep up with new technology skills.

erry? No, I don't mean the fruit! I mean the BlackBerry PDA that lets you send remote e-mails, make telephone calls, and organize data. Aren't you surprised? As our business grows, we need to stay one ... the way we communicate. For many of us, e-mail has virtually replaced traditional letters and even telephone calls as the choice for correspondence. Many companies have declared themselves "paperless ...

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Teenagers and technology

ve long defined teenage communication, extending their tendrils through passed notes and meandering telephone calls as teens hash out happenings both mundane and profound in their lives: a friend's de ...

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Computer Telephony Integration

plan to use in the near future. What is CTI? By definition, CTI is "the use of computers to handle telephone calls". In its simplest form, CTI is a computerized call center. The main purpose of CTI i ... vendors and many different ways to implement the technology. By combining the tools of computer and telephone systems together companies have been able to provide their end users with more efficient a ...

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Non Verbal Communication

a meaning, and they combine to provide an instant impression in a way that written communication or telephone calls cannot. Actions of this sort are an important part of the communication process. We ...

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Australia during World War 2: Wartime government controls and the changing role of women.

information.The Federal government introduced censorship of newspapers, radio, overseas telegraphs, telephones and mail during World War 2. The government also restricted the keeping of diaries and ce ... enemy receiving any valuable information they could be contained in diaries, letters, telegraphs or telephone calls. Censorship was a precaution to prevent the enemy gaining any knowledge about Austra ...

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Opportunity Cost

the information provided in the scenario of the assignment, Phil is capable of producing eight (8) telephone calls or one (1) financial statement within a sixty minute period. My other financial plan ... within a sixty minute period. My other financial planner, Francis is capable of producing ten (10) telephone calls or four (4) financial statements in a sixty minute period as well.When figured into ...

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Consitutional rights Bus 415

onstitutional rights issues exit. In this paper we will examine the right to privacy, both over the telephone and by using video surveillance cameras, and employees' rights to freedom of speech.Right ... sing video surveillance cameras, and employees' rights to freedom of speech.Right to Privacy on the TelephoneEmployees have a limited amount of privacy when making or receiving telephone calls at work ...

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Opportunity Cost

e make a well educated and analyzed decision. Phil's opportunity cost of 1 financial statement is 8 telephone calls, and his opportunity cost of 1 telephone call is 1/8 of a financial statement. In co ... 1/8 of a financial statement. In contrast, Francis's opportunity cost of 1 financial statement is 5 telephone calls and her opportunity cost of 1 telephone call is 1/5 of a financial statement. For an ...

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Surveillance: What Price Security?

law enforcement agencies to install nationwide "traps and traces" to capture information from both telephone calls and electronic messages with the approval of a single judge. I believe that it is ve ...

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Let us back in September 1983 'Popular Computing' ran an

criminal case where a student served 90 days in the county jail for running up over $7000 worth of telephone calls via a local university network. He got in touch with the campus police. There the se ...

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The Managers Job

ch a formal management information system best provides Fact: Managers strongly favor verbal media, telephone calls and meetings over documents Example: Spent an average of 66% and 80% time in verbal ...

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