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Thr following essay describes the quality of humanities education in America and offers advice for change. Great for ANYONE who wants ideas about "what constitutes good pedagogy."

As I creep ever closer to the terminus of the undergraduate program in English education, feelings of felicity abound in the depth ...

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sion herausgreifen und im historisch-politischen Kontext problematisieren.1.1 BegriffsgeschichteDer Terminus "Totalitarismus" war im Verlauf seiner Begriffsgeschichte immer wieder umstritten und nahm ... aat. . In Ermangelung einer passenden Alternativbezeichnung übernahm man später den neuen Terminus gegen das NS-deutsche System und Goebbels 1931 ausgerufenen "Totalen Staat". Auf wissenscha ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Is it Capable of Showing Flaws in Society?

gence. These androids are used as slaves for humans who have emigrated to Mars because of World War Terminus, which has caused the Earth to become a dark and desolate place with an atmosphere filled w ...

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Service Firm Audit of the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

The Colonial Tramcar terminus is located at the corner of Normanby Road andClarendon Street; adjacent to the Melbourne Ex ...

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Roman Aqueducts

veled through a closed conduit (rivus or specus), usually subterranean, to its distribution tank or terminus (castellum).(Hodge, A.T., 1992, Roman Aqueducts And Water Supply: Gerald Duckworth & Co ... Appia, which is sixteen kilometers in length, runs mainly underground, only to expose itself at its terminus, in the Forum Boarium, and at an arcade bridging the valley between the Caelian and Aventin ...

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"Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

en noticeably possible. He influenced the arrest and exile of himself and his psychohistorians onto Terminus, where he founded the Foundation, the last realm of scientific knowledge and growth. He fur ... pedia was just a excuse to set up the Foundation. After this Hardin is appointed the first Mayor of Terminus by virtually everybody on the planet. His instinctive political moves cause the whole Perip ...

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