Service Firm Audit of the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

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The Colonial Tramcar terminus is located at the corner of Normanby Road and

Clarendon Street; adjacent to the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and the

Crown Complex. The organisation operates in a highly competitive market where

economic conditions are excellent; encouraging tourism, and the expenditure of

disposable income. The ABS 2001 census identified that the median age of Australians

was 35 years of age. This will increase to 41 by 2021, and 48 by 2051. This may prove

highly attractive, as the median age lies in a favourable position for the organisation's

target market.

Demand tapered after the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001; however, consumers

steadily returned soon after. Australia's exchange rate is very attractive to travellers,

and as a consequence the cost of the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant may be viewed less

risky to international consumers; as opposed to clientele from the domestic market. To

date, the organisation has never experienced problems with acquiring ingredients for

meals. The menu is changed seasonally, and always includes a beef and chicken dish.

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is a unique experience; there are no other restaurants

that operate on a tram in Melbourne, and it is highly unlikely that a competitor would be

able to obtain a license to operate. The organisation has no direct competitors in the

strict sense that they have exclusive rights to the tram network. The organisation's

reputation as a "must-see" tourist attraction means that it must deliver a unique

experience, in conjunction with a good meal.

An effective method of evaluating a tourist attraction's competitors is through following

the search process that a traditional tourist would undertake when evaluating tourist

opportunities. A search on under sightseeing tours, lists

the Colonial Tramcar as number one. It is followed by a mix of unique

Melbourne/Victorian experiences which...