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Between Friends

friends of mylife are all around me on my book shelves. Every book I lift offthe shelf pinpoints a time in my life. They represent all the joy,sorrow, and laughter felt in my life. The large, shiny r ...

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rtant to me because it was the first thing I had to work really hard on to accomplish.For the first time in my life I felt as if I really could succeed in something. It helped tochange my life.It star ... y were to separate with the girls going left and the boys to the rightuntil everyone was seated.The time finally arrived . It was 7:00p.m. and the music had begun to play. Westarted our slow march to ...

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Feeling My AgeFor the first time in my life I feel old. Its two days after my 21st birthday and the drunken haze has lifted enou ... ar of life. "How do you feel?" my girlfriend asks me. "I feel old." I reply. I remember back to the time when I was ten years old and all I wanted was to be older; it makes me chuckle now to think abo ... now either. I try to have confidence in class and confidence in my opinions outside of class. Often times they are views that many people don't want to hear. I dress, regularly, to offend or to get a ...

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MDMA: Looking Past the Fear. Argues for the legal use of MDMA in a therapeutic setting. History of drug included.

with a marked increase in daily fluid intake; no desire for caffeine or alcohol. And for the first time in my life, I can feel myself consciously and lovingly aware of the body in which I live" (Adam ... t is no longer worthwhile to consume it (Ecstasy).In addition, many who have used MDMA share the sentiment that, "When you get the message, it's time to hang up the phone." In other words, these indiv ...

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Short Biography, swayed to current times.

1011/26/2003Final Draft Essay 1Special events in ones life actually happen quite often, however sometimes they are hard to recognize, let alone to actually think about them. I may have been a highly a ... verage in college academia. I knew this going into college, yet that knowledge still vexes me every time I think about it. I am that much of a class 'A' personality to realize that I hate being an ave ...

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Life as a teenager.

ill early in my teen years. Being a teenager, my mind is most impressionable and vulnerable at this time. I try to make the right decisions, and learn from the wrong ones. Its been very hard to be a t ... en very hard to be a teenager. I regret what I've done, and regret what I haven't done. This is the time in my life when I am trying to figure out who I really am, why I am here, and trying to underst ...

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Bad Moves.

mfort in that; I however found room for improvement. I am only twenty years of age so there is till time in my life to make my fortune. However, living in an area where millions of dollars could separ ... emptation, but who am I kidding, if I saw Jessie I would be doing the same thing. We did make it in time, about a half an hour to spare. I studied the brochure, placed my bet, and got a beer. Being th ...

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"Grandma's Quilt" is about when my grandmother passed away last year and left me with her quilt and all the memories left with it.

t"A quilt to some people is just a bunch of colorful scraps, but to me it represents a very special time in my life. I guess I never realized this until my grandmother passed away last year. While I w ... tened, and only being twelve I didn't pay much attention.She told me that each square represented a time in my life. The first square was a beautiful baby blue with dark dazzling blue stars scattered ...

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My House- Creativion writing asighnment about a girl reseiveing a house from her father. First person.

n I could trust, that man would be my dad. He has always kept his promises and I cannot remember a time in my life where he was not there for me. My father is a gentle, understanding, intelligent typ ... so when he bought me a house. I was very upset when he first showed me my new abode. For the first time in my life, I doubted my father. The 1906 Queen Ann house should have been demolished by the c ...

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The Importance of the Past

When I was 3 years old I remember my mother taking me to day-care for the first time in my life. I was scared and it was very hard for me to make friends. There I understood for fi ... .Every single memory and experience has an impact on our lives and builds up our personalities. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but it is still very essential what kind of things has happened to us ... ore it grows on us making the subject a part of who we are and controls what we do. The rest of the time we are dreaming or making plans for the future, and that is possible only of the construction o ...

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In the world today

my life really is. When I first read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I was in the seventh grade. At that time in my life, I had a very woe-is-me kind of attitude. I thought that everyone else had the nicer ... e with loving parents, what kind of person did that make me? After reading this novel for the first time I realized that I needed to change my outlook on life and to start living it to the fullest. Th ...

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College Life 101: Dorm Living-Why Freshman Should Live In the Dorms Their First Year-Persuasive

The spring of my senior year was a great time in my life. I was going to graduate in two months, I had gotten accepted into the college I wan ... ve experienced my first call home to truly say "hi," my first all-night study session, and my first time on my own and in my own space. Since the first year is a changing experience, I was glad to liv ... e other residents and respect that they might be those morning people who like to go to bed at that time. And remembering the golden rule goes far in a situation like living in the dorms. Because my n ...

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tunately for myself it was very unmemorable. It was the day I decided to weigh myself for the first time in my life. On my own, out of curiosity, I jumped on that ominous box we call the scale. ... , out of curiosity, I jumped on that ominous box we call the scale. Excited, yet scared at the same time I closed my eyes and then opened them once I felt balanced. When I did open my wandering eyes, ...

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Bubbles' Journey through the Water Cycle

ing. Now, you would probably want to know why I feel so special. Well, that's because for the first time in my life, I actually got to fly in the form of ephemeral gas which is known as evaporation!I ... With full bellies, and overflowing energy, we headed towards something called precipitation. It was time to hit the pool! I boosted ahead with tenacious speed and dreams of achieving the highest hill ...

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How Are You Feeling Today?

hing all my courses in the first semester, I was finally able to lie down on my couch for the first time in my life. When I looked at my subjects in the timetable for the second semester, it was obvio ... pful solutions for myself.It is a new semester with new teachers and new classmates. It seems as if time is going by so fast that I am in grade eleven already. I have four subjects this semester, and ...

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September will never be the same

ut for those who died in the attacks. I was frightened to go anywhere or do anything. For the first time in my life I thought about dying. I was so furious with those terrorist, so angry inside that I ... nocent men and women who died for no reason. This was one night that I wasn't able to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I kept seeing myself in those towers and feeling my flesh burn.The next d ...

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A story based on the verses of a poem.

mily, the dying body, the wasted life were inexistent now. Nothing mattered. Anymore. For the first time in years, I felt a strange warm infect my body, and for the first time in years I was not dread ... and for the first time in years I was not dreading living another second of my life. For the first time in my life, I was happy, I was looking forward to something besides death...I pursued the grey ...

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Original Writing: A Soldiers Tale …

Monday 11th of September, 1915Dear Diary,As I arrived at the trenches, today, for the first time in my life, I felt helpless. Seeing the trench, the soldiers, particularly the look on their fa ... ed with sadness and fear of death, and the worst of all was that now I would be one of them …Time passes so slowly but it's starting to get dark, some of the soldiers are already asleep. I am f ...

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hange is going from being a kid, to being older and more mature. Things and places also change from time to time. In my life, I can think of a time and place when I was the happiest, but like everythi ... ild, a boy, was about sixteen years old, and the youngest, a girl, was around ten years old. Now as time passed the man grew to hate his wife and decided one day that he was going to kill her, but he ...

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US Coast Guard

ting with my personal accomplishment, but the best example of my character is centered in the worst time in my life.When I was about three years old, my parents split up and moved to different parts o ... ess. In Carlisle at the city courthouse we waited for five hours in a separate room until it was my time to go see the judge and talk with him. It was the decision of my mom and other counselors that ...

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