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Scarface. The rise and fall od a drug lord and it's protrayal of the american dream

"Make way for the bad guy." Tony Montana, the dynamic character that became an icon in cinema was introduced in 1983; in the fil ... u get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the woman." That is exactly what he did. Tony Montana, better known as Scarface, was intelligent. Not an ordinary street smart gangster, he w ...

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SCARFACE - A scarface review which talks about the art in scarface different camera angles, analysis of artistic choices etc...

e to see multiple images while the camera was focused on one person. When two men attempt to murder Tony Montana, while he was sitting in the booth, the mirrors show the stage character performing in ... of the surveillance monitors as well as the television, in the same screen. One of the shots showed Tony in the bathtub smoking a cigar. He was watching the television and it showed the four other sur ...

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Write a movie review on Scarface.

Scarface: The Story of A Man With a Dream"You wanna play rough? Say hello to my little friend!"- Tony Montana, a.k.a. Scarface. "Scarface" was directed by Brian de Palma and starred Al Pacino and M ... m Cuba and successfully set up his own kingdom of cocaine, wealth, and greed. The viewer first sees Tony being interviewed by the police regarding his background. He's asked about the scar that stretc ...

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Review on Scarface - Anniversary Edition (Widescreen)

ad had two workers put about five hundred rounds into a nightclub in an attempt to rid the world of Tony Montano (Tony the Mountain aka Mr Pacino)but missed. Tony has just given sidekick Manny (Mr Bau ... ord" Frank (brilliant Mr Loggia) the what for after Frank sank to his knees and kissed the shoes of Tony pleading for his life, begging for a second chance, crying to be saved, and Manny dutifully put ...

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A short story based on MacBeth.

Modern Version of MacbethOnce he arrived in Miami, Tony Montana started looking for a job. He needed money any way he could in order to support his wif ... nd shoot up the place with this machine-gun."Nick and the two other men went into the apartment and Tony waited nervously. Each second went by slower and slower. He counted each of the 900 seconds he ... xt door and found Nick tied up by two men that were yelling at him about the location of the money. Tony shot them from the back and quickly untied Nick."Those bastards" nick said, "Greedy Colombians ...

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Success in gangster movies now and then through Robert Warshow's "The Gangster as Tragic Hero"

trations of this view about the gangster movies is Brian DePalma's 1983 remake of "Scarface". In it Tony Montana, portrayed by Al Pacino, who starts from being kept in a camp for Cuban immigrants, gra ... s one particular scene that exemplifies the beginning of the end. After this scene we all know that Tony Montana is doomed. It takes place in a fancy restaurant. He is shown drunk and on drugs. First ...

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Drugs in the Media

face is a good example of the way movies portray drugs. In Scareface, a young Cuban immigrant named Tony Montana sets up a huge cocaine empire. He goes from working as a dish washer to owning a huge m ... as a dish washer to owning a huge mansion. This movie shows drugs as the root to evil. In the movie Tony kills his former boss, and marries his wife. Tony also ends up killing his best friend. Through ...

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Scarface: The American Dream Gone Bad

r movies, and emphasizing the effects of greed and wealth.Al Pacino did not just "play" the part of Tony Montana, but he was Tony Montana. Pacino proves to be so convincing in his part as the "America ... look into the world of a madman. The film consists of numerous scenes in which Pacino's character, Tony Montana, shows drastic changes in emotion, varying from calm, cool, and collected into fits of ...

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Modern Day Monster

dernize the archetypical monster. With Grendel in the "Dark Age epic of Beowulf" and the crime lord Tony Montana in the 1980's gangster motion picture "Scarface", it is simple to understand that despi ... ifferences allow the audience to connect with and feel more sympathetic for the modern-day monster, Tony.There is a great dissimilarity between Grendel and Montana regarding ethics. Murder seems to be ...

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Scarface as an Entrepreneur

g the newcomers were the dregs of the island's jails; criminals considered to be beyond redemption. Tony Montana was among these people; he saw American as the land of opportunity. His infamous quote, ... us quote, ?First you get the money, then you get the power, and then you get the women?, shows that Tony knew exactly what he wanted out of life and what he needed to do in order to achieve it. As a s ...

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Money, Power and Respect: The Gangster Life

left side on his face, half of which is on his cheek and the other half went through his eye brow, Tony Montana arrived in United States as a Cuban political refugee and died as a drug lord in the mo ... he Cuban refugee as back drop of the old Scarface (1932), which is based on Italian mafia. The role Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, is an illegal immigrant who fled from Fidel Castro's communist go ...

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