Review on Scarface - Anniversary Edition (Widescreen)

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The critics mainly got it wrong. This reissue puts it right. Take one great moment in cinema - the setting is Frank's mansion, the time two minutes after 3am about 30 minutes after Frank had had two workers put about five hundred rounds into a nightclub in an attempt to rid the world of Tony Montano (Tony the Mountain aka Mr Pacino)but missed. Tony has just given sidekick Manny (Mr Bauer) the order to give drug "lord" Frank (brilliant Mr Loggia) the what for after Frank sank to his knees and kissed the shoes of Tony pleading for his life, begging for a second chance, crying to be saved, and Manny dutifully puts one into Frank. Tony then turns his attention to bad guy and Chief of Detectives of Narcotics. Tony gives him one in the guts and then lets him have one in the chest. Tony and Manny turn to leave but Manny says "What about Ernie?" Frank's loyal and ucommunicative sidekick who has been watching the evening's events unfold before his eyes, and, let's say, is now facing an uncertain future.

A little overweight, in a suit just a little too small, a worker, loyal, Cuban exile, with beads of sweat on his face, which the camera ponders for about five seconds. Then we see Tony's face for a few moments - "Want a job?" he says, knowing that either way, he's got this guy's life. A great moment in cinema. Many good extras too - especially interviews with Mr Stone and Mr Pacino. Very good value.