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This essay is about the Killer Whales Scientific Classification: Order & Genus

types of whales is Cetacea. This large order is broken down into three further groups as well: the toothed whales or Odontoceti, which includes killer whales, dolphins, porpoises, beluga whales, and ... ven't been well studied. Smell. Olfactory lobes of the brain and olfactory nerves are absent in all toothed whales which indicates that they have no sense of smell at all. They rely fully on hearing a ...

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The Killer Whale. taxonomy, ecology, evolutionary history, reproduction, distribution, morphological characteristics, behavioral characteristics, and conservation.

udes all dolphins, porpoises, and whales. They belong to the suborder Odontoceti which includes the toothed whales, dophins and porpoises. They belong to the family Delphinidae or the dolphins, and ki ...

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Great White Sharks

t white sharks eat fish, rays, and other sharks. Adults eat larger prey, including pinnipeds, small toothed whales, otters, and sea turtles. They also eat carrion. The sharks are found near shore alon ...

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Dolphins        Dolphins are small toothed whales thatbelong to the group known as cetaceans.Cetaceans includes all whales, dolph ...

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Analysis of Whales

sms such as shrimp, krill and plankton. The other type of whale is called Odontoceti. These are the toothed whales that eat squid and other small animals that live in the ocean. They are predators and ...

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Baleen Whales

water, rather than having teeth. This distinguishes them from the other suborder of cetaceans, the toothed whales or Odontoceti. Living Mysticeti species have teeth only during the embryonal phase. F ... n species. The Oligocene species Aetiocetus cotylalveus is considered the evolutionary link between toothed and baleen whales. It was discovered by renowned fossil collector Douglas Emlong in 1964 nea ...

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