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"The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood.

e influence of government. All areas of peoples' lives are controlled by the government, which is a totalitarian regime. The government in Gilead rules with the political concept that the citizen shou ... work for the state. In this way, Gilead has abolished family life.These qualities are typical of a totalitarian regime, which is centralized, naturally unstable, and prone to making people want to re ...

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An essay which compares how both Orwell and Proulx develop there main characters in George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four"and E. Annie Proulx's "The Shipping News".

Orwell and Proulx, develop their main characters'1984', as a science fictional dystopia, depicts a totalitarian regime that outlaws truth, love, thought, and the concept of the individual, controllin ... is basic yearning to be remembered. 1984 will forever be remembered for its prophetic warnings of a totalitarian society in which individuality is stripped away. In a desperate attempt to pierce throu ...

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Compare the descriptions of the society of '1984' and 'Brave New World' in the first three chapters of each book. Huxley and Orwell comparison.

In both '1984' and 'Brave New World' the societies represent a totalitarian regime, with one leader, one idea and one-way of life. Both display the nonsensical ide ... embryo below par."The past in both of the novels is a topic of great controversy within the raging totalitarian societies. History and the past are avoided in each to prevent any means of comparison ... erall, it is clearly evident that both the societies of '1984' and 'Brave New World,' described are totalitarian and dystopian, although using the façade of the perfect world: a utopia. '1984' ...

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To what extent, and by what means, did Hitler create a totalitarian regime?

To what extent, and by what means, did Hitler create a totalitarian regime?After consolidating his power, Hitler sought to make Germany a nation a totalita ... economy and inherent problems in the structure of the Nazi party, Hitler's position as leader of a totalitarian state was never complete.Through a mixture of violence and propaganda, daily life in Ge ... e with nothing but sleep to themselves' (insert source here). The other vital requisite of Hitler's totalitarian society was the enforcement of a police state. Fear tactics implemented by the Gestapo ...

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Aolph Hitler

ler of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Guided by concepts of elitism and racism, he established a brutal totalitarian regime under the ideological banner of National Socialism, or Nazism. His drive for emp ...

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Gilead's Language System in Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale"

The Handmaid's Tale, a dystopian futuristic novel by Margaret Atwood recounts the story of a totalitarian state, Gilead, which endorses the dehumanization of women with the excuse of effacing a ... demeanour of a member of this oppressive society.In order to see how Gilead's language bolsters its totalitarian regime, it is vital to comprehend what a totalitarian regime is. The word totalitarian ...

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"1984" by George Orwell. Why Nineteen Eighty-Four Should Be Read and Taught.

d Kazin are quoted. Russell states, "Nineteen Eighty-four depicts the horrors of a well-established totalitarian regime of whatever type with great power and skill and force of imagination." He adds t ... further comments: "I hardly know which to praise more--Orwell's insight into the fate of man under totalitarianism, or his compassion for him." Reasons for reading and teaching Nineteen Eighty-four c ...

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Describe the Nature of a Totalitarian Regime, and Compare and Contrast Hitler's Nazi Regime with that of Stalin in Communist Russia

at of Stalinist Russia it is important that we first discuss and fully understand the nature of the totalitarian regime. This will be achieved through an illustration of each separate entity of the to ... ol agencies such as the police and judiciary and then the importance of the military machine to the totalitarian regime. Further, to understanding the similarities and differences between Germany and ...

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One Day In the Life of Denisovich

ion camps will be mentioned, as well as how people of this camp demonstrated the characteristics of totalitarian regime, and how people's behavior brought out the effect of Stalin's Communist regime o ... hey had to just care about themselves and then they would be able to make it in those labor camps.A totalitarians regime is a government where the "authority takes absolute control over all aspects of ...

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Ho Chi Mihn

ed about his country and its people, but manipulated peers and rivals alike in order to establish a totalitarian regime. In order to understand Ho Chi Min, a closer look must be placed on his beginnin ...

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A review of Animal Farm by George Orwell

her animals is anything but what they expected; the oppressed working animals essentially trade one totalitarian regime, headed by the farmers, for another, ruled by the pigs.Animal Farm provides the ... well's main intention in writing - to give the working class people a guide on what is considered a totalitarian regime and how to stand up against it, to fight it and how to conquer it. Orwell has wr ...

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Reaction paper to a movie: AeonFlux

future. Charlize Theron stars as Aeon Flux and she is the top underground operative at war with the totalitarian regime. The regime is trying to govern what appears to be a perfect society. However, t ...

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The Handmaids Tale

h as Offred, the lead character, resort to reminiscing about the pasts as an escape route from this totalitarian regime.Atwood heightens the dystopic effects of her novel through allusion. Allusion le ...

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Uses and abuses of information

ain and part of the nation of Oceania. The country is governed by Ingsoc, the English Socialists, a totalitarian regime led by the iconic leader Big Brother. Oceania is constantly at war with as well ... deal of correlation is evident between their ideas. Orwell says: The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits 'atrocities' but that it attacks the concept of objective tru ...

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Carnival Paper

erlies within the plot, since V (Hugo Weaving) the main character creates a coup d etat against the totalitarian regime England in the year 2038.V for Vendetta starts in a rather unusual way. Everyone ... f the government, and of what they say. Freedom of speech does not exist in this modern London.This totalitarian society takes a major twist when V, and a TV presenter start to make fun of the governm ...

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Censorship in Gilead and Oceania

A country under totalitarian regime shows no respect for people’s individuality and freedom. The Handmaid’ ... d, and Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell, are satirical novels that illustrate the danger of a totalitarian government and the dystopia that is being constructed. Censorship, defined as “The ...

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Marjanes Transformation

children always have hopes and dreams; this is what makes a kid a kid. Marjane had been living in a totalitarian regime which is very hard for any child to endure. Her family was very communist and wa ...

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timeline of the 10 important events in the book 1984

ere there is no darkness.'" Orwell warns its readers of a dark world that will be even darker, in a totalitarian regime.In Oceania no one is aloud to keep record of their past, this is part of the Par ... pulation of Oceania went barefoot." By this paragraph in the novel, Orwell enphsais the fact that a totalitarian regime makes the population live in an un-real world, putting people in a bubble constr ...

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