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Susan B. Anothony (included is an obituary from the New York Times)

to their own property and earnings, and women's labor organizations. In 1900, Anthony persuaded the University of Rochester to admit women. Which I see as a big step for women's rights in history.In 1 ...

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Incentive Plans

for doing their jobs well, the less interested they will be in what they are doing. Edward Deci, a University of Rochester psychologist, did pioneering studies on this effect in the early 1970's; his ...

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Forensic Psychology and how it applies to my future as a lawyer

I am a freshman here at the University of Rochester, and my career plans include law school. Thus I am a political science major ...

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Kiobel vs. Royal Dutch Petroleum

sts that video games may have benefits for their child's a child's developing brain. A professor at University of Rochester, under the brain and cognitive sciences, Professor Daphne Bavelier studies t ... e is that teens have better visual-spatial skills too. According to Professor Linda Jackson, of the University of Michigan, "Visual-spatial skills are viewed by psychologists and educators as the 'tra ...

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A Better Mathematics Curriculum

m proposing is aimed at high school and below, although obviously some of the ideas make sense in a university setting.Just to show that I'm not completely ignorant of the situation, here is my backgr ... ware engineer for 20 years.2 The Problem TodayI think the problem with mathematics education at the university level in this country is that it's generally taught by and aimed at mathematicians. This ...

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