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Which fruits can power a light best from the acidic level in them.

MATERIALS1. copper electrode2. zinc electrode3. multimeter capable of measuring voltage4. flashlight light bulb 1.2 volts5. screw base or socket for light bulb6. wires7. aligator c ... bulb?I think that citrus fruit can produce electricity but not enough to light a light bulb of 1.2 volts.ResearchMy experiment was to see of you could produce electricity from fruits. I got electrici ... electricity but not enough to light a light order to power a light bulb you will need both voltage and current. When connect fruit in parallel, it gives you a higher current. Connect the frui ...

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Chicago Pizza Pie Factory.

Square-en. Csakúgy, mint a Crown Passage-on lév? étterem, ez is azonnali siker volt és hamarosan nagyon nyereséges lett. (A CPPF f?bb pénzügyi adatait a ... A CPPF STRATÉGIÁJABob étterme merésznek t?n? vállalkozás volt, hiszen vendéglátó-ipari képzettség, tapasztalat és m ...

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Battery Experiment - Differences in power intake and usage of higher and lower quality and priced battery's.

Care battery- Alkaline(Sanyo) battery- Spare Wire- Sticky tape- 1.3 Volt electric motorMethod:1. First take readings of the 2 different batteries power levels u ... the 2 different batteries power levels using a multi-meter.2. Attach 1 battery up to the 1.3volt electric motor using some of the spare.3. Use sticky tape to ensure the contact between ...

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Resistance Investigation

the different lengths of wire.4. Carry out experiment with shortest piece of wire.5. Record Amp and Volt readings6. Repeat experiment using other lengths of wire.7. Record Amp and Volts for each exper ... and right in a table.Equipment:* Nichrome Wire* Power Pack* Meter Ruler* Crocodile Clips* Ammeter* VoltmeterFair Test: To make it a fair test I will repeat the experiment three times so that I have t ...

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Resistance of a wire (GCSE corsework)

resistance of the wire. I will be setting up the wire to a circuit and will be using a ammeter and volt metre to record my results.Background informationElectric current is a flow of electrons along ... ifference provides push to drive the current round the circuit; potential difference is measured in volts. In a series circuit the potential difference supplied by the battery is divided up between co ...

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The Stanley Milgrim Study

time he answered incorrectly. In addition to the shock, the "teacher" was to increase the shock 15 volts every time the learner responded incorrectly. The voltage levels ranged from 15 to 450 volts. ... e shocks would hurt, but would not cause any damage to the "learner" (Psychology: Obedience).As the voltage increased with each shock, the "teacher" could hear the "learner" cry out in pain. At 300 vo ...

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The Future of Automobiles

consumer's quest for an automobile that uses alternate fuel by producing a hybrid called the Chevy Volt. This will be GM's first venture into an already competitive field of alternative vehicles. Thi ... will be aimed at consumers that are seeking top mileage in a world of soaring gas prices. The Chevy Volt will have a 161 horsepower engine and a small fuel tank which will help recharge the lithium-io ...

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