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There's Gold in them Hills!

n in California; later to Juneau in AlaskaTerritoryIt was late summer when the reports came in like wildfire to that smallCalifornia mining town. They'd found gold in the Klondike! That worthlesschunk ...

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First Love. Refers to Vladimir, in Turgenev's "First Love", and Tatyana, in Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin"

arise ever so suddenly, spreading a feeling of warm happiness through every inch of a person; like wildfire spreading through a tree. But as the feelings become more intense, the flame of passion can ...

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The Ever Changing English Language. How has the American English dialect changed over the years? What are the three main areas of change?

nglish language has changed in many ways. Through travel and colonization, the language spread like wildfire. From country to country, the dialect changed and formed different English. Of all these, A ...

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"The Crucible" - Character analysis on Abigail and how her character influences events in the story with quotes and excerpts to back up the information.

to avoid punishment, Abigail claims to be victimized by evil, thus causing madness that spread like wildfire through Salem, claiming many innocent souls. Yet the one who escaped punishment, Abigail, i ...

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The plague and its effects on European society.

s viruses known to man. Possessing tremendous virulence, extreme vitality and speed, it spread like wildfire across Europe. Between 1347-1350, 25 million people had perished - one third of the entire ...

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The Course Of The Korean War And Why Did It Last Until 1953.

the world. Many believed the Domino Effect, where Communism spread from one country to another like wildfire. When South Korea was invaded in 1950, many thought that only military action would do to s ...

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Arthur Miller and his distorted historical accuracies.

by Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose paranoia of a communist takeover spread through the nation like a wildfire. Men and women alike fell victim to McCarthy's pointed finger and as a result of this hyste ...

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Industrial Revolution Was the Industrial Revolution for the better or worse for humanity?

olution, which impacted the lives of many throughout the world. It spread all around the world like wildfire and altered the way of life for thousands of people, and the lives of their descendants for ...

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Buddhism VS. Christianity

the visitors what happened the Jesus Christ. After this amazing incident Christianity spread like a wildfire for all that got caught in it soon got engulfed. This religion is mainly based on the Ten C ...

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The Andromeda Strain Michael Crichton

up devises an organization in which to deal with this very real problem.This organization is called Wildfire. Its main staff includes a pathologist, Dr. Charles Burton; a professor of bacteriology, Dr ... Hall; and a clinical microbiologist, Dr. Peter Leavitt. With direct permission from the President, Wildfire designed a secret facility for holding and researching potential contaminated space matter. ...

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ng ram made of stone. Word of RAMMSTEIN's horror romanticist blend of theater and music spread like wildfire. Till Lindemann would sing entire songs engulfed in flames from head to toe. The band's fir ...

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Controlled Casino Gambling in Singapore: The Future is Bright

porean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced plans for a casino resort, hoping to cash in on the wildfire expansion of gambling around Asia. The Prime Minister revealed the government's decision to ...

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How the weakness of makind is displayed in "The Crucible".

e belief that others are acting in an unbelievable and ridiculous manner. The hysteria spreads like wildfire throughout Salem. Any bit of gossip or talk could set up a complete wrong perception in the ...

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Civil Rights in the 1960's

d with a plague of disillusion and a sense of dread that was spreading over the common citizen like wildfire. Try to picture a nation where family was pitted against family, one political alignment ag ...

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"The Crucible" Literary Techniques

n the forest is revealed, the entire town of Salem goes into shock. Fear of witchcraft spreads like wildfire, and eventually several people are imprisoned and hung. Even the neighboring town of Andove ...

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Water Is The World

by water contamination are a serious threat to society. Once a breakout happens it can spread like wildfire since water has so many uses. This happens everywhere worldwide and can seriously infect an ...

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GIS in Fighting Wildfires Recently there has been an onslaught of wildfires throughout southern California, New Mexi ... ornia, New Mexico and Florida. GIS and the USGS have come to the aid of firefighters fighting these wildfires. New digital maps that are the combination of aerial photographs and the geometric qualiti ... ation of aerial photographs and the geometric qualities of a map were used in the recent New Mexico wildfires. These maps DOQ's (Digital Orthophotoquads) which are aerial photographs are supplied by t ...

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Process Paper

has moved into the privacy of one's own home. Computer dating has taken over the dating scene like wildfire. I am able to bring the subject of computer dating to you because this is the way that I ha ...

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Coaching In NHL- Changing Attitudes, Changing Minds.

enforcers is necessary for team success. We choose to change this attitude because it spreads like wildfire, and eats away at any base of an attitude in Pro Hockey Coaches that sees eye-to-eye with s ...

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Upon the burning of our land

burn, the fire goes out, leaving a devastating trail of destruction. A large and destructive wildfire is comparable to the settling of American soil by foreigners from afar. In a letter he wrot ...

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