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This paper is about how wireless LAN works.

What is a wireless LAN?A collection of two or more devices connected via an open-air medium in order to share ... ices connected via an open-air medium in order to share data.Types of Wireless LANAd Hoc Network: A wireless network composed only of stations without access points1." This type of network can be used ... ere are very few requirements for this to work. This could potentially be the most dangerous of all wireless networks. Since this type of network is going to be setup on the fly when two people want t ...

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Optical Networks

o service providers and enterprises in more than 150 countries. They have four core business areas: Wireless Networks, Wireline Networks, Enterprise Networks, and Optical Networks. Nortel offers the f ...

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How Home Networking Works

n use to create a home network. Be sure to read the companion articles about power-line networking, wireless networking and phone-line networking. This specialized information, including our own exper ... ferent networking solutions, can help you decide which method is right for your home.At the moment, wireless networking appears to be the easiest and one of the least expensive options. You can buy an ...

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An Analysis of the Rational Decision Making Model

le I was employed as the chief systems engineer at a professional services firm that specialized in wireless local area network engineering. I was assigned by the company as the lead systems engineer ... project at the largest options trading floor. The primary mission of the project was to implement a wireless network that would be utilized by the floor traders to access backoffice applications using ...

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Wireless Network: Is it right for you?

How do you choose the right wireless network setup and configure it properly? What are the advantages to having a wireless netwo ... nge for anyone.If the computers in your office or home are all within 500 feet of each other then a wireless network is probably right for you. A wireless network is just what it says, has no wires. I ... mputers on different floors and sometimes even across the street. Besides the obvious benefits of a wireless network such as this, there is little setup time and planning.But like most good things in ...

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he middle of the downtown area; it causes 5000 dollars for lease, and also there are couples of the wireless stores already opened there and next to it. And there is another store for lease which just ... ase which just two blocks down from that one and it is only 4000 dollars for lease, and none of the wireless stores are there. If the management doesn't check them out and compare them, and just go to ...

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Do Students Really Benefit From Wireless Classrooms?

ogy in education. In this discourse, several topics will be discussed: first, defining what exactly wireless is; focusing on the two main types of wireless networks that are used today; second, the us ... he usage of wireless technology will be discussed, focusing in on specifically how school are suing wireless networks to benefit their students; and last, the Pros and Cons of wireless networking will ...

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Make Use of the Neighbors WiFi

One of the hottest topics within the information technology field is the term wireless fidelity or "WiFi" for short, and their bandits. Although WiFi is available, free of charge ... s available, free of charge at local "hot-spots", the drastic drop in price for the newer models of wireless products is allowing wireless network to be installed in our homes. Since not everyone is s ... ling to share his or her networks as a "hot-spot", some individuals are now coming to realize, with wireless networks comes susceptible security attacks. However, who is to blame; the homeowner, the m ...

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Development and Training Paper: Verizon Wireless

or vacation. This paper will go over some of the aspects of the training environment within Verizon Wireless. This paper will cover training needs, design and development, implementation, and evaluati ... over training needs, design and development, implementation, and evaluation.Needs AssessmentVerizon Wireless is a company that is always striving to be the best. In order for Verizon to be the most de ...

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Databases In Telecommunications

facet of the business utilizes database information in one way or another.The role of databases in wireless communications is even more prominent than what is seen in conventional wire line applicati ... ons is even more prominent than what is seen in conventional wire line applications. Obviously, the wireless user doesn't have any physical connections to the network. There is no twisted pair, fiber ...

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seful. Increased use of laptop computers and increase in worker mobility has fuelled the demand for wireless networks. With the maturing of industry standards and the deployment of lightweight wireles ... stry standards and the deployment of lightweight wireless networking hardware across a broad market wireless technology has come of age. Wireless networking refers to technology that enables two or mo ...

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Analytical Report Scenario

e have a family, a husband/wife and two teenage children, that desire to convert their house into a wireless environment for computing, sharing of music and video and accessing devices from anywhere i ... There is also a garage with a store room that could become an office. That will need access to the wireless connection. The family has recently purchased new LCD televisions for the home. They have a ...

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Information Technology – Structure of Data

"Wireless technology is difficult to connect to other parts of information systems"We are fast approa ... e that any device that creates or stores data either has, or is connected to, some form of embedded wireless capability. As wireless technology evolves, new devices are being developed to provide more ... messaging, paging, web access, and voice recognition services. Newer mobile phones incorporate PDA, wireless Internet, email, and global positioning system (GPS) capabilities. Wireless technologies ca ...

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