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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

e for this comatose effort; how star Penelope Cruz manages to emerge unscathed, like some cinematic Wonder Woman, from the wreckage of film after film?" That is what Kenneth Turan, Times Film Critic h ... a simple story told straightforward about loving and losing, about honor and responsibility, about wondering 'what if' and making do with 'what is'. The film successfully strikes a chord of passion w ...

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To Dream a Little Dream. Speaks of dreams, how philosophers and the Greeks view them, and which elemnts dreams can contain. Personal experience included

f it. They were using a cordless telephone, but for what I do not know. Eventually I was rescued by Wonder Woman who flew in and rescued me in her invisible jet. The dream I have recounted may or may ...

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A bit about how Walt Whitman may not be the writer everyone says he is. He may qualify to be in the justice leage of writers, but if he does, he's Hawk Man.

ustice League of America without mentioning the Super Friends. {By the way, what where Hawk Man and Wonder Woman doing in the Justice League of America? They weren't American. Hawk Man wasn't even was ...

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Jill Thompson: Female Comic Artist

e made her mark on thecomic book industry when she took over one of DC Comics' moreprominent titles Wonder Woman.Jill Thompson, who was born and raised in Chicago, became acomic artist at a rather ear ... lso had little formal art training. Once she entered theindustry, the first comic she worked on was Wonder Woman, but thework didn't stop there for Mrs. Thompson. She quickly took over andbecame the m ...

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Feminism and the Art of the Seventies

into a more ideal female form. Dara Birnbaum's video installation piece Technology/ Transformation: Wonder Woman is a comical satire on the idea of women's equality. Kathy Akers writings explore the v ...

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A speech about public transport

utcome of this state election will change the future of the country in some way.I am no superman or Wonder woman. But, I am a person that will try my hardest to change whatever wrongs in this world in ...

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RoboCop and a criminology theory

hantom to even Superman are the main superheros, where as female superheros can be considered to be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and even Superwoman.For my report, the superhero I have chosen is RoboCop. I ...

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