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Ezra Pound

historian, people will always remember Pound for his strong anti-Semitism. These ideas stained his writing and his character. Ezra Pound wrote many poems of questionable understanding. One moment he ... onable understanding. One moment he exhibited kindness, and the next he behaved as a seven-year-old writing poetry, words illegible and senseless.Ezra Pound lived in a peaceful environment, but the fi ...

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T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land"

Waste Land was written using a fragmented style. This is a style that is evident in all of Eliot's writings. There are several reasons for his using this approach, from a feeling of being isolated, t ... iculating thoughts (Bergonzi 18, Cuddy 13, Mack 1745, Martin 102).What influenced Eliot the most in writing poetry was a book he read written by the English critic, Arthur Symon, titled The Symbolist ...

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Information on Shel Silverstein

commonly known as Shel Silverstein, was born onSeptember 25, 1932, in Chicago, Illinois. He started writing at the age of 12 although he wouldhave rather been playing ball. But, he lacked athletic abi ... r been playing ball. But, he lacked athletic ability, and therefore, became a writer.He started off writing and drawing cartoons for the Sunday newspaper when he was over inVietnam. That triggered his ...

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Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own Woolf writes about the struggles that women of her time faced in writing.

A Room Of One's Own, by Virginia Woolf it seems implausible thatone could miss the theme behind her writing. Even just by reading the title, it is self-explanatory. In order for a woman to write ficti ... dred years merely, but from the beginningof time . . .. Women, then, have not had a dog's chance of writing poetry. That is why Ihave laid so much stress on money and a room of one's own." As you proc ...

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"How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents" by Julia Avarez and "Something to Declare" by Julia Avarez.

e, in the first book Yolanda goes to graduate school, becomes a teacher, and only shows interest in writing poetry. She also marries a man named John after having fallen in love with a young man named ... th a name like Yolanda Garcia and a slight accent to her speech, she was a foreign student, and her writing would be ghastly and her comprehension of the text minimal. But she whipped out papers that ...

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Comparing and contrasting between "Not Waving but Drowning and Song".

e last as the speaker fades to black.Stevie Smith was born in 1902 in Yorkshire, England. She began writing poetry in her twenties while working at George Newnes. Her first book, Novel on Yellow Paper ...

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The Life and works of Emily Dickenson.

t Amherst Academy. As a youthful teen, she lived an average and active life. This is when she began writing poetry consisting of occasional verses and valentines. She enrolled at South Hadley Seminary ... rred to as her "dearest earthly friend." Over the eight years she was in close contact with him her writing increased, but it grew drastically after he moved toReynolds 2San Francisco in 1862. Soon af ...

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Phillis Wheatley

When I read the writings in the course packet, I couldn't understand the poems at all. Therefore, firstly, I investi ... read by one of Wheatley's daughters. Phillis studied English, Latin and Greek and in 1767 and began writing poetry. Her first poem, on the death of George Whitefield, was published in 1770.Wheatley's ... e is very impersonal. Most of her poems reflect her religious and classical New England upbringing. Writing in heroic couplets, many of her poems consist of elegies while others stress the theme of Ch ...

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Biography report of Canadian poet and song writer Leonard Cohen.

ter, poet and musician has dazzled audiences for decades with his socially conscious and melancholy writing and singing. He has attained a loyal following of fans and has established himself as on of ... started to impress a girl), and within a year was playing his own songs at local cafes. Through songwriting, Cohen discovered his passion for being an author, and went to McGill University to pursue a ...

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William Wordsworth A.) the sound devices of his poems B.) the tone of his poems and C.)the subject matter.

idea to the next is crucial to the makeup of that poet's style, regardless of the topic. The art of writing poetry, then, involves creating a rare technique that individualizes the poet.An example of ... s creating a rare technique that individualizes the poet.An example of a poet who utlizes his unque writing ability is the Romantic William Wordsworth. Nature deeply affected Wordsworth throughout his ...

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To what extent did high culture become the tool of state interest during the period 1624-1715?

er means. For the purpose of this essay high culture represents painting, sculpture, ballet, opera, writing, poetry and architecture. Progress in these, were deemed to demonstrate the grandeur and pow ... group of 'Five authors' to provide plays for the court theatre, and 'generously rewarded [them] for writing plays around plots suggested by himself.' Louis XIII was fond of music and the dance; and ba ...

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Actuality of a Fantasy - about reality vs. illusions in the story "Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. 500 word Literary Analysis.

rovide for both his mother Amanda and his sister Laura. His escapes to reality are portrayed by him writing poetry, going to movies, and drinking. Tom being put in this situation makes you feel sympat ...

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Something More

you're still not here, Out there somewhere,Not here though, Living your life,Wondering where I am, Writing poetry,That will help you along, Until I am there,With you dear friend, To live there after, ...

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Critical Analysis of the works of Edgar Allen Poe

Poe was about seventeen years old, he left home and decided to join the Army. Poe had already begun writing poetry by this point and was lucky enough to have had a small book of his works published. A ... fact. He was seen as a regular in bars all over Baltimore.In 1849 Poe began giving lectures on his writings. Despite his failing health, he planned to marry his childhood sweetheart, Elmira Royster. ...

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Phillis Wheatley

elieved that the African slaves were inferior to whites. Noone was familiar with the idea of slaves writing poetry, since most slaves were not even allowed to learn to read and write. Given the hardsh ...

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Poem Commentary: Constantly Risking Absurdity by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

ly risking absurdity is a poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The poem is an extended metaphor comparing writing poetry to preforming dangerous acrobatics. It has a very original layout and complicated str ... ise and clear, it does so through great use of imagery and diction. It is the harsh truth of poetry writing, and really of all creative writing: if the public does not grasp the work, it will fall and ...

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Adolf Hitlers life

Viennese Academy of Fine Arts in 1908, and stayed in Vienna painting pictures of buildings and also writing poetry until 1913.In 1913 he left to go to Munich and when war broke in 1914, he joined the ...

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My Initial Reaction to the Various Forms of Literature

Literature        Literature is a complex subject. There are numerous forms of writing. Poetry, plays, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, science fiction, the list goes ... r life, her philosophy, and doing it her own way. Her story reminds me of a book I read once about writing novels. In this particular book, it states the author should never make the main character ...

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The Effect of WWII on the Visual Arts.

tion. In 1949, Theodor Adorno stated in his essay, "Cultural Criticism and Society", that "to go on writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric". He argued that new rules and conventions for art must b ...

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Comparision and Contrast between Sri Aurobindos two poems, "The Mother of Dreams" and "Invitation"

ia. His family was very religious, so obviously their religious views reflected on to him. He began writing poetry when he was fourteen and continued throughout his life. He joined a religious monaste ... make him/her think deeper on the themes of the poems, which has been a trait of Aurobindo's earlier writings.(Aurobindo #4 p.1)(Aurobindo #5 p.2)(Answers: Columbia University Press #2 p.3)Even though ...

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