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  • Ah?

    the title seemed quite irrelivant as the muslim party didn't get into power, however it is a very through essay and sizes up what occured during the period very well.However there is quite a heavy reliance upon this olivier roy geezer.
    • 14/02/2004
    • 19:49:45
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  • Interesting

    The speech has good language and grammers ok,however i cant understand the point at part D(since when do taxes go straight to us users ;))On a more serious point, (i can talk from personal experience here)what good is it to society if you have a population stoned to the core on weed who cant do anything useful for it?I mean marijuana is still not as bad as other drugs ie heorin , but its still a stimulant which can change the behavior of people quite quickly, adversely.back to the speech,to get top marks on this you will have to sound passionate and convincing, while you should be able to put down the opposing side with simple facts made clearly. That should sway your audience so you'll be the victor.
    • 11/02/2004
    • 21:23:41
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  • Hmmmm...

    Essay itself isn't that bad, but the way its laid out at first seem to me to be a poem.Im suprised at the simplicity of the language for the level it is.It seems to like a docter explaining to a patient what diabetes is.However overall it has good factual base, a starting point for further development.
    • 09/02/2004
    • 18:30:48
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