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  • I completely disagree

    Children SHOULD be forced to do Community Service. Studies have shown that this is actually beneficial.How is it possible that 75 hours out of Four years of High School could take away someone's time! Four years of High School is approximately 24,192 hours, 5,760 which you actually spend in school. So you're telling me that you can't find 75 hours out of the 18,432 you have left over after school?Grades are obviously not enough of a requirement. Kids need to be street smart and not just book smart. Community service helps guide a child into the real world versus thrusting them into it. It would probably help get some kids off the street too.
    • 17/11/2002
    • 18:12:46
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  • Powerful Arguements

    Being a fan of Cosmopolitan myself, I don't deny what is argued in this essay. However, one must stop and think what is being promoted by the media in today's world. Women are said to be equal, but in reality they argue for better treatment. Cosmopolitan reflects what women are "supposed" to be. Yes, we are to be submissive and silent. Afterall, this is what many of us have been brought up to believe not only by the media but by our families. I have been disappointed with the frivolous material that I find, but when I think about it, I read Cosmo to get away from the technical stuff and do some mindless reading. I don't really think that the month's "Fun Fearless Female" who knows the best local hang out is really a role model, yet I do believe that it gives me a perception of what I do not need to follow. I don't need a $200 prada purse. Cosmopolitan serves its purpose for many readers. It provides mindless entertainment, it gives us stronger women something to criticize, and it gives the weaker ones something to strive for (as pathetic as that is). Nothing can be done to change societies views. Cosmo's just showing us what the world is saying of us.
    • 24/09/2002
    • 21:39:10
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  • Funding for Schools

    It is truly a shame to see that schools have resorted to a level of passing for the sake of statistics. However, for personal development, there are plenty of things available outside of school that challenge the mind. There are a ton of University funded afterschool programs that are available for free. These include tutoring and mentoring, or even a college level course. Also, Junior Colleges make it easy to take a college course while you are in high school. These are transferable to many universities and at a fraction of the cost.Funding is mainly statistically based. If a school does not do well on Stat 9 test then the less funding (public and private) it will recieve. Although the idea of setting up committees to raise funds for schools, this is usually impossible to do due to the lack of time and interest on parents behalf.This is a great essay and I feel the pain for I came from a low budget school myself. All I can say is look for resources outside of school. Read and learn all you can on your own. Prepare yourself for yourself and not for your grades. College is a whole new world, and there you won't get by as easily as high school.
    • 24/09/2002
    • 01:15:38
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