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  • Prejudice

    After reading this essay I thought, \"Wow, I can\'t imagine a former jock writing so eloquently.\" Then I noticed my own prejudice.I guess we all like to label and most of us who are labeled often times fulfill the appearance and persona of what is expected.This is a surprisingly meaningful essay...great job :)
    • 14/06/2004
    • 18:53:20
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  • LOOL

    Learning to cook, just another benefit of weed lol. Now to find the motivation to do all that is a whole other story.
    • 13/05/2004
    • 02:16:25
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  • View And Review

    Your essay would be stronger if you added information from another perspective and then arguemented your stance. It sounds crazy why anyone would want to convert to Islam, and it is a known fact that it is the fastest growing religion in the world. I've written a paper on this subject before for an Islamic Studies course. The Quran is a difficult thing to site because it is very complex and must never be taken out of context or else the meaning changes entirely especially due to its translation. The Hadith also are in response to questions and are very often times incorrectly related. Just one or two facts about Islam could destroy the backbone of your whole essay. For example: Women were given voting and property ownership rights over 1300 years before the women in America. Women have the right to obtain full financial security from men (father, brother, and husband) in addition to having the option to work and have their own businesses as did Muhammad ibn Abi Talib's first wife Khadija. Full-covering was considered liberating. Successful Men are permitted to marry no more than 4 wives in order that they may support each wife financially as means were scarce for most people of the time, the woman always have the write to consent or refuse. It is a man's Islamic duty to please his wife. And Heaven lies beneath the feet of the mother so one must treat his/her mother with respect to gain admittance. For more details, info, or just references to the above information feel free to msg me at any time. Without the help of my Muslim acquantainces, and my helpful and educated professor I would not have been able to Ace the class. Good luck with all ur studies :)
    • 12/05/2004
    • 00:45:29
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  • Eroticalicious lol

    You have a way with helping the reader visualize through ur words. It looks like you've put a lot of thought into it...must've been fun hehe
    • 11/05/2004
    • 22:18:25
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    Great Essay, I see u did ur studying. Hopefully nothing hands-on ;)It was all correct except one small part..<For example, in alcohol you might need only two beers to get drunk. But if you keep drinking, you will start to need more and more alcohol to get the same effect. In marijuana, you will not need more to get the desired effect.>NOT TRUE.I really wish it were hun, but it aint. A beginner has way lower tolerance than someone who is a chronic chronic user. Maybe add more info like how it affects the brain chemicals and be more descriptive about its effects during intoxication which would explain the reasons for the effects after. Also note that it has a low risk of psychologically dependancy, and no risk of physical dependancy. Those are two totally different types of addiction. I like how you added statistical data about the negative outcomes of marijuana usage. But in all fairness it has also in many cases been an effective drug for the treatment of insomnia, and anxiety. Finding refrences and adding that to your essay would make the reader understand better why people are fighting for the legalization of marijuana.
    • 07/05/2004
    • 00:05:13
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  • 13

    good commentary, i like how u relate it to ur personal life, it hits close to home to a lot of us.Though from experience...growing up in LA...nobody cares if ur ditching or not...and there are a thousand ways to forge excuses and to hide things from your parents and ppl that arent ur friends. Especially when there isnt a strong family foundation where communication is required. I kinda like the fact the the director didnt sweeten it up coz it aint teenhood aint sweet nomore. And it'll get worse as long as America continues to neglect pushing family values.
    • 06/05/2004
    • 23:36:46
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  • NICE

    um, love it! what more can i say? fully agree with u. Although "my kids beat up your honour student" is funny. I'm sure those parents are making light of a bad situation with their problem child. I wonder if George Bush Sr. had that sticker on his bumper.
    • 06/05/2004
    • 23:20:50
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