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  • Nice research

    i dont know much about how this abortion thing goes....but as i read this essay many questions were answered....and it showed that u hav done good job
    • 02/08/2005
    • 06:23:56
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  • Educational....

    i had no idea how the KKK became to be...and i always thought that it was only against black people...but now i know more thanx to your essay....well done... you deserve the grade u got
    • 29/07/2005
    • 08:51:00
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  • Good essay but NOT made for CHEATHOUSE

    this was a good description of the OC characters and how the OC begins, and as crunchie says it is very helpful to someone who has never watched the show and wants to begin BUT we can get these kind of descriptions from TV websites.Im sorry but i would have to advise CHEATHOUSE to not accept this essay because it is not anything relevant to any kind of study.
    • 23/07/2005
    • 20:42:42
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  • Wow....awesome paper

    i have to say that this truely DID support both sides, it got me thinking about oral sex, and also as soon as i saw the title of the essay it reminded me of clinton. well done on this paper, u really DO deserve full marks for it.
    • 22/07/2005
    • 07:43:05
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  • Wat a great essay....

    this essay is very very good....u hav not missed a single point on what the glass unicorn symbolizes....i had a few ideas on what the glass unicorn did, but after reading your essay, i realized how little i knew....I wonder why you didnt 100%, this is such a 'perfect' essay....well done
    • 23/06/2005
    • 00:34:14
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  • Too short

    I am in year 12 as you were, but i am doing AS cambridge course, when you wrote this essay, and i have to write a minimum of 500 words, so this is too short
    • 06/02/2005
    • 12:27:24
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  • Pretty good

    this is an ok essay, and i think improvements could be made
    • 06/02/2005
    • 12:24:24
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  • Awesome essay

    I like rock climbing myself and this essay helped me understand the ropes better, i thought they were just ropes but they turned out to be much more.Awesome essay, helped me alot.
    • 16/01/2005
    • 14:20:49
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  • Absolutely beautiful

    This is one of the best essays I have ever read....but I find the topic of the essay is a little childish.I for one am a the toughest in New Zealand. I know it doesn't sound tough, but i have to study the cambridge course which is IGCSE for Form 5 (year 11)in one year, where as in England they take this course for 2 years, therefore having less stress and pressure. But you should try talking to the teacher...perhaps tell him/her to read this essay and say that one of your friends wrote it so it would'nt make that individual think that you are trying to insult them. Talking to an adult like an adult when you are not one makes a big impression on them.This was a very good essay. Overall I would give this a 15/20.Well done.
    • 13/12/2004
    • 00:21:08
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  • No explanation

    this essay is not detailed.It is too shortIt tells us the stradegies but does not explain well how to use them, for example visualizing....he/she has to explain that what parts of the advertisments can be visualized because some advertisements do not require any visualising. They turn out to be as straight forward as possible. And also in the first line he/she says "understanding who the target audience is, might be difficult" and should explain how to understand who the target audience is but in the 3rd and 4th line says "try to visualize what the Ad is trying to express and who is the target audience" (he/she has not explained how to understand who the target audience is), but the fact that he included "read between the lines" was very good but agained has not explained how to do this, perhaps giving some examples would be good... I would grade this a 3/10.
    • 27/11/2004
    • 19:04:38
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  • Pretty good

    darface's comment is correct.You did use wrong words, but what you have done well is the research for all this info.But you have also, in a way, listed the points using the words "firstly, etc" and in my opinion that brings your essay to be something much less than an essay.For everyone out there, who make these mistakes in their essays, go and read the essay which explains how to write essays well, which is presented on this website.But over all out of a possible 15 marks for points made and well explained I would give you a 12. But out of a possible 5 for style I would give you 2.This is nothing personal, I am just trying to make you understand your problems so you can improve. 14/20.Well done, and good luck in the future.
    • 05/10/2004
    • 00:04:33
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