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  • Very detailed...

    Very detailed essay concerning this topic. I myself have migraines due to caffiene...however, I have heard caffiene is not the stimulant for migraines, I would have liked to see some research into that (for personal benefits), nonetheless, great essay. Keep up the good work.
    • 28/07/2005
    • 04:26:47
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  • Better than mine...

    I'm doing economics this year and I remember all that stuff from the start of the year.Excellent definition of a free market. Many people find it hard to understand let along define.Very good analysis of a demand and supply graph. Not only to you explain each curve and the basic function/purpose of it, you also give examples which help make it clearer and gets your point across.This is definitely a A standard essay. Highly recommended.
    • 22/07/2005
    • 05:28:51
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  • Nice

    Nice speech. This type of speech could be used for many when companies enter new boundaries and students enter highschool.However, I would have liked to see a can we overcome fear or will fear overcome us...something like that.Besides that, good job.
    • 22/07/2005
    • 05:23:55
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  • True...very true.

    Good topic, and it is very true in most cases. I guess everything can be viewed as a success and failure, for example the London placed a sense of failure onto London police, but gave the terrorists the success they wanted. Different perspectives on life.I was hoping with a topic like that it would have had a bit more structure and depth...but the examples given are good.Good work.
    • 22/07/2005
    • 05:19:14
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  • Wow

    Nice research here. Very detailed and has depth.I like how you give numerous ways in which cardiovascular fitness can be assessed (i remember doing many of those tests).Good work.
    • 18/07/2005
    • 05:19:23
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