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  • Excellent and Very Accurate

    This essay was excellent, and as a Muslim, I can say that it was very accurate as well. I especially liked the last part where he/she explained what he thought. Again, the information here was very accurate and it was written quite nicely.
    • 24/02/2006
    • 03:11:27
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  • Odd and maybe inaccurate, but interesting

    The idea that the wars of the U.S. against Muslim nations is really a Crusade is quite interesting. But it's also inaccurate, but depending on what's this for, that might matter. If you're trying to say that the U.S. war on Muslims is like the crusades, then maybe that would make a little more sense (in terms of actual facts).
    • 24/02/2006
    • 02:51:13
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  • Excellent and Informative.

    I read through most of it (it is quite long). The essay is highly informative and the writing is excellent. It thoroughly describes the UNIX and Windows operating systems and effectively compares them.
    • 17/11/2005
    • 02:00:54
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  • Okay but can be improved.

    Overall, the story is ok, but it's a little too short and a few things are missing. In the beginning, you talk about a "boy", and then suddenly start talking about Ben, almost making it seem as if you're talking about a different person. You don't introduce the characters properly and the story seems to go a little fast. Maybe you should expand on the character development and setting? The last line was also confusing, but perhaps you did that to let the reader ponder what the thing he saw was?On the other hand, I like how you describe the feelings of the character and events in the story. Lines like "it jumped right at his face like a furious warrior" effectively describe the scene and makes the story interesting to read.Good job, but the story could be improved a bit more. Try establishing the setting a little better and introduce the characters properly.
    • 17/11/2005
    • 01:40:09
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  • Wow.

    Excellent story, beautifully written. I liked it a lot and actually read the entire thing.
    • 19/10/2005
    • 00:24:41
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  • Mistake.

    Ok, this is a "Literary Exploration". It just explores some of the parts of the story, but I made a mistake that I forgot to remove. It's the last paragraph about irony, that was just part of a draft and was not included in the actual paper. It's wrong and doesn't make sense, please ignore it ;).
    • 15/10/2005
    • 01:13:44
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