This is an autobiographical essay pinpointing a particular life changing event in my life.

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Through out my life I have always been an average student, never excelling in anything particular due to lack of enthusiasm. I would always get good test grades but neglect asigned projects and papers. I was satisfied getting by every year with a barely passing grade and continuing on. Every now and then I would get a project that would peak my intrest and do well on it surprising my peers and teachers, but that was it, it was a rare and non-consistent action. With each passing year my eagerness faded and my laziness surpassed expectations. So much so that my senior year I decided that I wasn't even going to attempt to pass, I stopped going to school and proceeded to drop out despite objections from my mom. I eased her worries with empty promises of continuing school once I got my GED. I spent the last three months of what would have completed my senior year, working and living each day with no plan and no goals.

Belive it or not my only regret at the time was not being able to play volleyball in the fall. My friends who were still in school wanted me to come and see them graduate, I said yes without hesitation.

When Thursday, June 16th 2005 came I went up to the school I once attended looking forward to seeing all of my friends again. I walked into the lobby greeted by an oh so familiar voice and face. "Oh look who it is, Ms. Miller, I assume you are here for the graduation ceromony take a booklet and find a seat." My wonderful vice principal, Mr. Trokon. I resented his mocking statement and reasured myself that leaving that hell hole was the right thing to do. As I entered the...