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  • Why this title?

    What is the connection between the title and content?
    • 02/03/2008
    • 05:31:55
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  • Not very up-to-date

    Referencec are a bit old, out of date.For example, you say: "However in the case of air tickets, commissions to agents are declining as airlines seek to reduce this expense in competitive market conditions"As a matter of fact commissions have been for a long time zero.
    • 22/02/2008
    • 22:18:20
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  • College, Undergraduate Level ???????

    For College, Undergraduate level this text is far too short and simple. TODAY A 10year old child can tell more about software even without wikipedia. Not to speak about the definition of Quality. There are tones of materials to be described and discussed about both Software and Quality.The title of the text is very promissing but the rest is ...just nothing.
    • 21/02/2008
    • 21:44:40
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