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Company Report Amadeus Global Distribution System20081.IntroductionThis report has been written as a final assignment of the Strategic Management Course in Degree Programme in Tourism.

The objective of this paper is to analyse the activity and strategy of Amadeus - a major multinational company, which is a very important key player in Travel and Tourism Industry worldwide.

The statistics were analysed using information from Internet as well as the author's own experience from previously being employed by the company in question.

The major part of the paper includes overview of Amadeus development and recently implemented new strategy. The company's present stage of development and its place in the Travel and Tourism Industry has been presented by the help of SWAT analysis The new strategy of Amadeus has been presented and most of the questions about its implementation process and key actors have been answered. The report has shown that. Amadeus manages its business very efficiently by continuous improvement of the services and by adding new value to its excellent product in Travel and Tourism Industry.

This confirmation can be considered as the main finding of the study.

The following text has been written for purely academic purpose, yet the facts and figures are real.

Another reason for the continued success of Amadeus This country is that it is able to operate as an independent organisation with very little influence from the national carrier, This country Airways, which owns 60% of the NMC. This, according to me, "helps us to sell and promote ourselves as a neutral GDS, relying on high quality delivery of service and products to clients."The extract is taken from Amadeus intranet.

2. About AmadeusFounded in 1987, Amadeus has become one of the world's three main global distribution systems (GDS) and is the leading provider of technology solutions,