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  • Depressing

    wow thats really depressing. Even though I don't like the feeling i got after reading it i feel as if i understood what you were going through.. I don't even know you but i feel connected. and the thing is I really don't completely understand your emotions cause my relationship at the moment is going great but you made me feel as if it wasn't.Over all it was ok. cause even though it was incredibly emotional it lacked a lot of intellectual thought. and it felt repetitive.Oo and your title wasn't very clear.. I just clicked on it cause I wanted to know what it was about.
    • 27/01/2008
    • 15:58:56
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  • Well alright

    Not bad... I enjoy History so that may be part of the reason why I like this. But For a topic such as this i think it needs more information. And this is just a little side note that doesn't really matter to much but your Title was incredibly boring and I probably wouldn't have read your essay if I wasn't a history fan. But your title does clearly state what your essay is about so I guess thats good.
    • 27/01/2008
    • 15:45:33
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  • Ok??

    Buddy I like your Writing style. Like Its short and simple.. easy to understand but informative. This would be good for like a creative writing assignment but i don't see how other people would get much use out of what you have written.
    • 27/01/2008
    • 15:41:20
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  • Are you an International Student?

    Many of your points to make sense but they don't apply to a lot of International Students. For example if a student from some Islamic country came to my school i can see where some of the Idiot guys would give them a hard time... But at my school we have some Korean students and all of them are accepted. Last year The Sophomore class elected 2 Korean students for the Homecoming Court. and then this year I am pretty sure that our Homecoming King was Korean (not 100% positive)... Sure these problems do arise and You do make some decent Points
    • 27/01/2008
    • 15:31:55
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  • Hmm Interesting

    I like the stand you take but you don't have much of an Introduction Paragraph.. I feel as if you just kinda jumped into examples which you are supposed to save for you Body Paragraphs. Also your thesis Statement was A little Weak.. Like you should have said something like Although blah blah blah did contribute to the tragic ending of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the immaturity of the two tragic characters was their main tragic flaw.
    • 27/01/2008
    • 15:25:28
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  • Writing style

    The style of writing used is very authoritative and captures the readers attention
    • 24/01/2008
    • 14:48:55
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