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  • Education

    I enjoyed your essay.I live in the UK so I have little knowledge of the way your system works, but we have had, and continue to have similar problems.If education is your thing then check out the UK "11 plus" exam which was abolished. All the kids going to the schools in wealthy areas passed this exam while those in poorer schools had little chance. A pass meant moving onto a better school where there was plenty of money for the best equipment and teachers. These exams help no-one except those who are already on the ladder of success due to their familly income or the wealthy are in which they live.
    • 14/04/2003
    • 18:39:31
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  • Thanx

    That's all, just "thank you".
    • 07/04/2003
    • 19:46:54
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  • Research?

    Having done much research on this subject in the last year I cant agree with any of your comments. Read my essay "Now is the time to legalise cannabis in the UK". It has some very up to date facts.
    • 07/04/2003
    • 19:42:46
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  • As parents do we need our children?

    Childs needs are well documented and our off-spring are dependent on us for far longer than any other on the planet for their basic needs (food,water,shelter). But how about the parents. Research has shown that people in crisis or life and death situations find extra strength (mental and physical)when they think of their children. Thinking of all the great things my 4 year old daughter did for me kept me alive when my 2 year old son died.A good essay, but sometimes its nice to look at things from a different angle.
    • 07/04/2003
    • 19:35:16
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  • AD(h)D

    Though I'm not an expert on this subject I do have friends whos children suffer from this.Though the essay is obviously well research I think that anything that is stated as a "fact" should be supported or referenced within the main body of the essay.
    • 07/04/2003
    • 19:19:35
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  • Of Mice and Men

    Though this essay was well written I wonder if the book was really all about power.I dont think Lennie felt powerful over George, just like a parent doesn't feel power over their children, but I do think he had the same urge as parents to "do the right thing".Curleys wife, I feel, may have had more power that anyone else in the story. I think she may have enjoyed the fact that her husband was obsessed with her and that she could turns mens heads.I think the story was more to do with ignorance and love than anything else.
    • 07/04/2003
    • 11:17:01
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