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  • :)

    Very comprehensive.
    • 03/02/2006
    • 23:46:49
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  • Very comprehensive

    you have given many examples and the organization is fair enough.
    • 27/10/2003
    • 04:37:20
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  • Very factual

    This is very factual. so i would consider it as notes rather than as an essay.but when you talk about the USA govt, why don't you mention the principles or the objectives set by the founders? or at least mention the preamble in the US constitution and its importance. That will make your work much more complete.
    • 21/10/2003
    • 04:36:23
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  • Good

    Written with passion and a clam tone.I am just finding some information on racism and this essay has told me some of the causes of racism indirectly.Great job
    • 15/09/2003
    • 07:29:47
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  • Good

    this is well illustrated and clear with a good paragraphing.i appreciate the outline you gave us in the beginning of the whole thing. that makes it easier to find the things i need.
    • 10/09/2003
    • 09:00:36
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  • Very well illustrated

    Your points are not commenly mentioned. They are quite fresh to me. And yet, you have good examples to support them and the examples are all persuaive.I advise you to add 2 paragraphs, one for pors and one for cons, stating out most of the advantages and disadvantages of globalization before you elaborate on your key ideas with examples.this will make ur essay much more inclusive.
    • 04/07/2003
    • 07:52:03
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  • Well structured and well presented.

    First, I think you should add in "in the USA" before the question mark in the topic.Second, are people affected by immigration in so few aspects? what about in the domain of education(i mean the USA tax payers have to provide education for the immigrants), voting blocks, introductions of new cultures, etc.?I think many more points can be discussed in this essay.But overall, the presentation of each point is very well done. There are many examples and they make the essay interesting to read. Also, topic sentences make the essay clear and well structured.
    • 29/06/2003
    • 08:28:16
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  • Good organization of points.

    You have listed out Freud's ideas very clearly, and the terms used are very professional(psychology terms, aha :P). I like your part about Oedipus complex. and yet you failed to mention how superego develop. In the Oedipus complex part, you should further tell us that children identify themselves with their same-sex parent and internalize their parent's set of values, so as to pocess the opposite-sex parent vicariously. superego develops at this time. and this explain why people can act rationally although id is irrational in nature.
    • 29/06/2003
    • 08:14:16
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  • It's worth reading this essay

    Very well discussion of the issue of global warming.the essay is well structured and very can also mention a counter arguement of global warming, as some scientists suggest that global warming comes alternatively with ice ages and this is very natural. They don't believe that global warming is caused by human activities.temp on earth increases-->evaporation of water increases-->more clouds-->reduce the penetration of sunlight-->temp decreases-->ice age
    • 29/06/2003
    • 07:58:26
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  • OH this essay is GREAT~!!!

    I often feel stressed and nervous before I have my exams. Evan my teachers wrote, "i hope you can overcome your examination nerves during the exam" as opinions in my classwork.OF course, possitive thinking is very important, but it's always hard to think possitively if you are not an optimistic person. When you are nervous in your exams, the essays written would be very unorganized, and many points would be left out.I read from a book that worrying all day costs us two-third of our energy. So only one-third is left for our revising. This suggests that we should try to reduce our tension not only during the exams, but also before we take our exams.I love this essay! I think it's so useful and different ways the author suggests may apply on different people. We have to figure out which ways to reduce examination nerves suit us the best .Furthermore, why don't you submit this one as an article? You just need to expand each point a bit and give some examples. I am sure many students will benefit from it.
    • 25/06/2003
    • 04:39:34
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  • Can anyone help me with this?

    Honestly, I have never heard of such theory named B.F. Skinners theory of punishment. I thought that Skinner's theory is called Learning theory. And it's only about operant conditioning. So i wanna ask if skinner really study classical conditioning? Isn't Pavlov the one who study CC(the dog salavation expt)?Besides, the definitions of terms like +ve reinforcement and -ve reinforcement are quite confusing. Also, i think it's better to mention the Law of Effect when u write about Skinner's theory, and methods of applying the theory such as shaping, token economy, time-out, omission training, etc.Thanks.
    • 24/06/2003
    • 05:49:28
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  • Relevant

    This essay is good in a sense that points are very clearly presented, with rational reasoning and some examples. In my opinion, the UN fails to keep peace in some circumstances because it has no military force. Also, it's like a kind of agreement among nations and there is not enough sanctions to punish those who work against the will of other countries. Also, defining the collective will of so many countries is very difficult, and it's even more difficult to achieve it. I think you have pointed out this in your essay, stating that disputes and conflicts occur in the UN.
    • 24/06/2003
    • 05:13:29
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  • I support your argument

    I totally agree that Macbeth is the one who carve his eventual downfall. The witches are only arrousing his hidden amition and act as a catalyst to the tragic flaw.In this essay, you can add a bit on Banquo's example. Banquo's death is not planned by the witches, who said that Banquo should be king hereafter. So being killed by Macbeth shouldn't be his fate.By comparing Macbeth and Banquo, the argument can be elaborated more clearly.your essay can also be used to argue about "who has the responsibility of Macbeth's downfall", if it is amended a bit.
    • 24/06/2003
    • 05:01:19
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  • Good

    Overall the essay is good.The biological facts are managed well and presented systematically. It's always not easy to compare two things coz you really need a clear concept of the two things so that you can sort out the differences between them. This approach which discribe the features and the functions of mitochondria and chloroplast separately is better than pointing out the comparisons one by one in this case. However, the conclusion is where you need to improve on.
    • 24/06/2003
    • 03:25:47
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  • Well done

    It's always interesting to learn facts of different countries. This essay is very informative and inclusive. I like its paragraphing too.And yet, it will be better if some critical thinking or further discussion of facts are included. Also, you can discuss Cambodia's future prospects along with the facts. This will make it less fact-oriented and interesting. I would always like to see your viewpoints on the issue, livnnaz
    • 24/06/2003
    • 03:13:45
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  • I like your style

    The clear ouline of the essay make it easy to read. Also, it is written with flair. This is exactly what makes the essay interesting to read. Even people who do not study history(like me) understand what you are talking about.
    • 24/06/2003
    • 02:51:21
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  • Why this is submitted twice??

    look at this
    • 25/05/2003
    • 02:22:37
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  • Good opening

    The second paragraph sounds to be very informative, but then the paragraphs following that are too short. The author should elaborate more on each point and organize them well so that the essay appears to be fruitful.
    • 25/05/2003
    • 02:19:10
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  • Practical

    This essay is good in a sense that parents can use it as a guide to rear their children. But the author should also mention the "critical period" point because this is very important for parents to provide enough stimuli to their children at the right time. Also, We should note that Piaget's theory's generalizabily is low. except the western culture, it may not fit other cultures so well.
    • 06/05/2003
    • 08:51:36
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  • Good but a bit confusing

    Much evidence is quotated to support your concepts but it is not very well organized. Especially in the second paragraph, the information is presented without a break, so it's a bit confusing. Also, you didn't mention "the US" before you make it an example to show us the powers of the two levels of govt. It seems that you are assuming us to know that "the state" means the US.The good point of this essay is that I can see your effort in writing it and it is very precise. Good try.
    • 02/05/2003
    • 11:25:47
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  • A good research

    This essay really provide me with some knowladge which I didn't know before.Actually, imagery is frequently used in Chinese poems too. In those, feelings are expressed indirectly because the poets wanted to create a "poetic mood".Just wanna share some interesting facts with you and I think your essay on imagery is not an ordinary one. Well done.
    • 02/05/2003
    • 11:03:49
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  • I really like the last part of the essay :)

    Everybody, when studying piaget's theory of cognitive development, would mantion those stage characteristics when they write an essay about it.This time the author has provided us with some adaptive features of Piaget's theory. for example, how this theory can be applied to society.also, the stages are not written too much in details so that readers wouldn't feel like reading a textbook!!But I guess if the author include in the essay with some criticisms of Piaget's theory it would be more precise and thorough.
    • 28/04/2003
    • 09:39:28
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  • I think...

    This is definitely a good outline of the main themes of \"things Fall Apart\", because the author has taught us what we should consider when we read the book, such as Okonkwo\'s fear and those three incidents.However, in my opinion, Ikemefuna\'s death is just a reveal of Okonkwo\'s rigid character, but not an obvious reason which lead to his eventual downfall.Also, in the end of the story, it\'s mainly the lack of unity of the tribal people and the decline of the African culture which drives Okonkwo to kill himself. The missionaries are just the cause.Anyway, a good and clear essay.
    • 27/04/2003
    • 10:22:27
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  • Good but critical thinking is needed

    The essay is written in a strong and definite tone, convincing us to believe that the American constition is great. But I do think nothing is perfect.The author should have critical arguments in this essay, pointing out to what extent the constution is good.For example, the Founding Fathers left the presidents' powers in the constitution vague and open to interpretation. Will this generate problems?
    • 26/04/2003
    • 13:42:15
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  • Clear and well organized

    The shory essay comes with a good introduction, which tells us three main reasons how the representatives vote.The elaboration is clear, too. but if more examples are included, and have explained which of the three theories is more important, or much more based on by senators, it would be better.also, I want to raise a question:How would they senators vote if the will of the people contradicts the senators' own moral judgement?
    • 25/04/2003
    • 11:23:33
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