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  • Facts

    Some factual evidence is really needed here, with regards different family situations and how these have changed. Things like backgrounds of the socially deviant and cultural changes that can be attributed factually to the breakdown of family structures and values would help the credibilty of this essay.
    • 03/08/2003
    • 05:28:39
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  • Be careful

    An interesting essay which is well written but where was the balanced argument? \"Is it a womans choice?\" to me suggests stating the two sides of the argument then evaluating, with some facts and a little personal opinion put in. I found this essay bursting with personal opinion and without argument, be careful if you use it.
    • 03/08/2003
    • 05:17:55
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  • Some ideas

    If the essay discription was the essay question then personally I would have a re-think. Although there was some interesting ideas and theries expressed personnally I don't think the question has been answered as a balanced view for and against has not been given. I would begin by looking at definitions of digital and physical property giving examples of each then move on to giving any theries you have gathered from media etc arguing both for and against, then evaluate. This is not really my subject but this essay did confuse me as it did not seem to run in an easy order for me to follow.
    • 03/08/2003
    • 05:05:43
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  • Well done

    I would agree that a conclusion could be added just to summerize the main points but other than that I could not fault this essay, the criteria semms to have been well met with some personal views included which adds to the interest of the piece.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 07:19:55
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  • Funny!

    Well I enjoyed reading this, it's a riddle itself. Not sure what it could be used for though!
    • 30/07/2003
    • 14:25:38
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  • Interesting

    well structured essay. could do with some statistics to back up claims.
    • 30/07/2003
    • 14:14:01
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  • Some ideas

    I feel you need to look at your paragraghs, some are far to long and others only one line. The facts are well stated in what seems the correct order (not a subjet I am that familiar with!) but maybe you could go into a couple of things a little more so that its not just event after event. Could you use a quote or two to show were your info has come from? You sound like you know what you are talking about, and thats half the battle! I hope that helps good luck!!!
    • 29/07/2003
    • 11:44:42
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  • Conclusion

    I liked the essay, it read easily and was clear on the main points it put across. However I felt that it lacked some kind of conclusion, the last paragraph just didn't close the essay for me. Maybe stateing the writers view or some kind of case study would have helped.
    • 24/07/2003
    • 14:32:37
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