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  • Not Catchy

    I like your topic and paper except as a junior in high school I can't get into it very well there isn't a catchy title or opening line or even something to draw my intrest to make me want to read it.. otherwitse it was good.
    • 17/08/2003
    • 09:22:10
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  • Great Job

    I think you wrote a well worded essay, there are a few things I might have changed though I see that you constantly use The Inspector and Priestly throughout the essay many find some substitutes or pronouns to fit them. but, your description of the play was excellent I could tell everything I would have need to know from your essay. Great Job!
    • 16/08/2003
    • 15:52:38
    • Score: 3 out of 3 people found this comment useful.