You Call Them Friends?

Essay by MccaddenSucksUniversity, Bachelor's May 2004

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Nothing is easy when you don't have the time

You got to buy some cheap while the stocks are ripe

We can never control what we don't understand

Awareness is a key to the upper hand

Inflation's got its hold on the country by the throat

Funny how the politicians can smile and gloat

When we're never as safe as they proclaim we are

Someday were going to crash again just like before

so tell me,

how can you close your eyes?

how can you be so blind?

Are you living a lie?

Its up to you to decide!

Movie Stars are way too over paid

1 million dollars for each episode made

It makes me sick to hear that this is going on

We've got to make a change and get things done

So many out there with nothing to their name

they have a right they deserve their claim

we all need to try to help eachother out

not just ignore what this is all about...