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Strategic Alternatives

To discover a marketing opportunity , management must know to identify the alternatives. The best method of developing is which when we match products with markets. They are 4 firms that can explore this option

Market penetration that is a firm that try to increase market share among existing costumers. For example Pizza Hut that offer promotions, cents-off cupons, discounts

Market Development: Means attracting new costumers to existing products.Mcdonald for example, has opened restaurants in Russia,China and intaly and is eagerly2 expanding inro Eastern European countries

Product development: Strategy that entails the creation of new products for present markets. For example Mcdonald introduced yogurt parfaits,Entrée Salads and Fruits to offer costumers more healthy food

Diversificaction:Is the strategy to increase salesn by introducing new products into new markets. a starting McCafe, McDonald's is offering new products that were not available in traditional McDonald's stores. McCafe specializes in serving cafes, which attracts customers that usually don't come to McDonald's to eat fastfood.