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In the play Twelve Angry Men, the characters are angry due to old age, high rate of racism, and ignorance.

Old age is shown throughout a lot of characters in the play Twelve Angry Men. There are Twelve Angry Men that are sitting as jurors for a murder case, and it is clear that none of them want to be there. Juror number three was the main juror aside from juror number eight, but juror number three was treating the murder case as it was related to his personal life. Juror number three and his son never got along after his son turned his back on a fight. Juror number three was so appalled with it that they haven't spoken in 12 years. Juror three was voting guilty on the young Spanish kid who was convicted of murdering his father because of what happened between him and his son, his son and him were in a fight and his son punched him in the mouth.

By the end of the movie the rest of the men show him that it is not his son but it is some other kid, juror three than realizing that the rest of the jurors were right he rips up the only picture of him and his son, than breaking down into regret.

Another great example is that juror number nine is the oldest chap in the room and when ever he finds enough strength to get up and speak his mind either nobody listens and walks away or people just say to him that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Juror number is extremely offensive to juror number 9 and in one scene he tells the old man to sit down and don't utter another word.

Even though old age...