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My dearest Ella,

It has been a long time since I saw your dazzling eyes; your outstanding exclusive visage and brushed against your soft cheeks. How have you been feeling without me beside you? Do you miss me? I definitely know what I felt. I have missed you, my darling; so much that it is hard to express in words. 5 years without you is like the Earth without sunlight.

How has the business been doing? Still making a ton of money? Still gaining profit? I knew for one thing that when I left you, it was the wrong choice. Now here I am in this yacht, lonely as ever, drowning myself with alcohol and parties. Let me tell you this. The secret of mine that I have kept from everyone. Before I met you, I worked hard to become this successful. At first, I was just a young teenager around the age of 17 but I was full of optimism to become a millionaire; as I knew that if I tried my best to do anything I wanted, it would never be regretted in the future.

Therefore, I commenced as a silver digger but gradually it was affordable for me to buy a piece of land, which was full of opportunities and wealth. However, I just realize that money could not always bring happiness to me. Right now, I need your love sweetheart because being without you is like being in the centre of a deep forest, with no sense of directions whatsoever.

Oh, forget to tell you about this boy, whom is named Gatsby. Somehow, I just got these amusing feelings about the kid. I first met him while my yacht dropped anchor in the shallows alongshore. I thought he was a beggar. In contrast, he came...