1984 and brave new world science and technology

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Victoria Anleu

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October 3, 2014

Science and Technology

In these two novels 1984 and Brave New World we see immense uses of technology and science. We see common uses of technology and science being used in our present-day society as well. Oceania uses technology to manipulate and psychologically control the citizens. Oceania was the "perfect" totalitarian state. The World State used technology and science to change the thoughts of people and eliminate pain. The World State not only messes with the psychological state of a citizen yet deals with biologically engineering people to create social castes. Overall, we see the misuses and beneficial uses of technology and science throughout both these novels.

Oceania and the World State both use immense amounts of technology. Without tremendous use of technology, there would not be a "perfect" Utopia. Oceania, for example, has "telescreens" surrounding the people, watching them.

Without telescreens, Thought Police could not be as beneficial to Oceania. Although they have these telescreens, we do not see much use of other technology being improved as we notice the use of bombs is made the same way as in the past. The only times we could see an increase in improving technology is if there are ways to better "insemination" or their uses for psychological control. In Oceania, there is nothing such "as progress for the sake of progress; there is only power for the sake of power." Although 1984 might seem rather tormenting, we see a significant misuse in technology with the World State. We see the use of technology in biological engineering and changing the RNA and DNA in people. They do this in the World State to for "specified qualities". Huxley does not mention the manipulation of RNA and DNA, but proves it throughout...