1984 comparative Essay

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1984 Comparative Essay

In 1984, the main character is Winston Smith. He lives in Airstrip One also known as England in the states of Oceania. The world has been divided in to three states such as this: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. There is no trust or love in this world, and the government, known as Big Brother is always watching you for signs of thought crime. If you dislike Big Brother even in a few seconds you neighbor, your children, or your wife could turn you in. In Winston world even the telescreens watch you in every second of every day. In Airstrip One and all of Oceania, feelings are seen as evil, distracting and just plain bad. You are not allowed to love one person or over another, but see everyone equally. Everyone is comrade: comrade Syme, comrade parsons and comrade Smith. You are not allowed to enjoy sex, either.

In fact, in girl's schools, they teach the women that should refer sex as "doing their duty to the Party" and other such drivel. And as for men if enjoy sex or wake up the sexual pleasure in women, they had just committed a crime. In the story, Winston has fall in love with Julia, but they get careless and get caught. In The Giver, Jonas was about to turn 12 years old, each child who turn 12 will be assigned to a different job. Jonas was chosen to be a Receiver of Memory.