1999 Superman DuPont Chevrolet Replica Die Cast Car.

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I love NASCAR racing and have a collection of close to 70 Revell 1:24 scale Die Cast replica cars. I possess a model that really stands out in my collection. This stock car is the Jeff Gordon 1999 Superman Chevrolet Monte Carlo. This certain car has a few reasons why it is the favorite in this set. My husband bought this car for me after the fact Jeff Gordon ran an unbelievable race, and astonishing winning finish in this wonderfully designed machine at one of the most important tracks in the NASCAR circuit, which is the brickyard 400 in Indianapolis.

This car, which is made of real metal is nine inches in length and three inches wide. The paint scheme on this life like car is a bold, bright, and lively Chrome Illusion changing colors when viewed from different directions. The car changes from blue to purple and takes a golden maroon at times.

This stock car has numerous special features on it designed for a special one-day race.

In the center of the hood is the decal of the main sponsor DuPont, and right below is the big red and yellow Superman "S", to be exact its one inch in diameter. On each door is Jeff Gordon's number "24" in bold bright yellow. The rear fenders have the famous Superman painted on them as if he were flying through the air; this beautifully painted super hero measures one and a half inch in length. In addition, the sides of the car have each single one of the smaller sponsors' logos on them which the logos measure sixteen of an inch.

Another major sponsor of this car is DuPont Crop Protection, and is located on the trunk. The functional trunk, which opens, measures one and a half inch...