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The Art of Tattooing

In 1891 the electric tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O ' Reilly. At that time, tough guys and sailors were getting tattoos and

the popular tattoos of the times were anchors, eagles, flags, and hearts. Then, a break out of hepatitis made it illegal in most states to get

a tattoo and it is not legal again until the early 1990's. I got my first tattoo in 1997 I was only 15 at the time and I was begging my mom and

dad to get my tongue pierced. My mom must have the idea that is she told me I could get a tattoo instead on the piercing that I would

not do it. Boy was she ever wrong I went through with and now when I think back I think that she was pretty dumb because at least

if I had gotten the piercing I could have let in grow shut.

Today, tattoos are more popular than ever. It has been estimated that one in

every seven or 35 million people in North America alone have at least one. So since it is now legal today it is my mission to properly

inform you about the history of tattoos and the process of getting one.

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word "Tatu" which means, "to mark something". It is claimed that tattooing has existed

since 12,000 BC and that the purposes vary from culture to culture. In recorded history the earliest tattoos can be traced back to Egypt

during the constructions of the great pyramids. When the Egyptians expanded their empire the art of tattooing spread too. Crete, Greece,

Persia and Arabia civilizations noticed it then expanded it to a form of communication. They used it mostly to mark social ranks...