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Before I became a Physician, I had to go through a long path that truly has made me the person I am today. It all started in my hometown, Calexico, it was near San Diego, Ca. and the weather was truly awful. Most aspects in the small desert town were very unfavorable, however my friends and family made it the best. My mother and father were my backbones, they carried me through my journey to success and I know if they did not push me as much as they did, I would of not reached my goal in life.

During my youth, I enjoyed spending my free time playing my clarinet and watching countless hours of anime. Once I was a senior and the acceptance letters came in, I had to make a tough choice between UC Berkeley or UCLA. I of course picked UCLA because the atmosphere was amazing and they only offer Physiological Science at this campus.

I spent my undergraduate studying Physiology, however; after time I got tired of my major and ended up switching to Biochemistry. Once my undergraduate time was over I applied for UCLA'S medical school, David Geffen School of Medicine and got accepted. I then started The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) which is a conjunction of receiving a P.H.D and M.D. After I graduated from graduate school, I then decided to work at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, the hospital I did my research for my P.H.D and M.D study. My whole education, took around 10 years and I was still not an authorized physician.

Once I began to work at the hospital I worked very hard through my internship, residency and fellowship. Internship is the first year after medical school, Residency is a stage in which someone receives the title...