5 ways of effective time management.

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Stress is a major concern in today's highly competitive world. There are several factors which contribute to the high levels of stress, both in our work environment and in our personal lives.

However, handling stress is a matter of self discipline. There are several ways in which stress can be handled and effectively. Time management is one of the greatest causes of work related stress. Good time management skills, when imbibed, can help reduce stress to a great extent.

Factors to effective time management:

1) Planning: planning is one of the most important keys to effective time management. It involves foresight, hindsight and being present in time. The ability to be able to plan is a gift. Foresight is required to be able to look into the future and make a rough approximate as to how much and where time will be and should be allocated. Hindsight is required when you have to look back and see if the time allocated was correct and continuously correct the time estimates.

Being in the present is when you take responsibility for your actions and are able to stick to the time estimates which you have set for yourself.

How does this help? This helps to the effect we don't keep setting unrealistic time estimates, and getting worried when we cannot stick to those time estimates.

2) Prioritizing: prioritizing is another key ingredient in the time cookie. This is of prime importance when one can set aside time for some thing and consciously decide not to work on something else. Each person needs to decide what is important and what is not. This will help them make that decision.

How does this help? Time management is about allocating time to do a task. When one can set aside time, he or...