911, Atacks that changed a nation.

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Very few Americans will argue against the fact that this country, or even the entire world, has changed since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 .Before the terrorist attacks many Americans believed that something as dire as the 9/11 attacks would never befall upon this great nation. These American citizens were wrong, very wrong, and the attacks proved the country is in reality, dreadfully vulnerable and open to attack from afar. This country learned the unforgettably hard way that there is much more that can be done to prevent terrorist attacks, and that sometimes personal freedom has to come second to national security.

It seems to be easy in any ones life to decipher the long list of events that followed that horrific day. What is hard for anyone to understand; is what events after 9/11 affected the lives of Americans exclusively due to 9/11. For instance, the traffic jam on the way to work, you wouldn't think it would relate to the attacks of 9/11 but it may.

Whether you realize it or not 9/11 has probably affected you directly or, in this case indirectly. This may be unusual thinking but, it is utterly logical.

More related examples you may have experienced are; the long lines at airports, or changing your flight destination. Waiting an extra thirty minutes for the flight attendants and security to properly examine a person's materials is well worth it. Personally changing any flight destinations hasn't been a problem for me but, if you are a very cautious person, that flight to Paris may not appear like a great idea anymore.

Due to terrorism, countless areas of enjoyment that were once overflowing and mobbed with children, adults, and just everyday people, now have become almost desolate, wastelands. Just take a glance at a park, when growing...