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Abortion is a concept that has been widely debated upon in recent years. It is the termination of pregnancy during its early stages through the removal of the embryo or fetus. Although it is possible to terminate the pregnancy anytime during conception and the end of the pregnancy circle, it is generally considered safer for the mother to remove the fetus early if she doesn't want to go through with it. I support the legalization of aboreting because I believe that the mother should have exclusive rights on her decision, as the pregnancy may not have come about in natural and healthy circumstances. In thecase of rape or forced pregnancies in younger girls or among uneducated folk, the legalization should be enforced especially as the psychological as well as the physical trauma may not be able to be borne by the mother.


The heated debate between those who are pro-life and pro-choice has been widely documented and represented on media, whether it be print or electronic. Special consideration is given to the issue by presidential candidates looking to be elected, as it is a sensitive issue that eats up a lot of focus among hopefuls. Those who are pro-life agree that abortion is akin to murder, since life begins at conception. They believe that it is a heinous act that permits others to intentionally take the life of a human being and as is the case with other crimes, should be punishable by law. Many of those who are morally aware of the circumstances under which unwanted pregnancies arise argue that their hard earned tax dollars should not be used for the funding of...