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Abortion Abortions now a days is pretty much worldwide, and the numbers has been increasing over the years. Many women are looking into abortion for reasons such as: fear that a child will interfere with school or work, low income, postpone childbearing, and being too young. Looking back the poll showed that most Americans take a pro-life position according to CNN News, but today one in four Americans state that abortion should be legal under any circumstances. One of two say that abortion should not be legal under any circumstances, and fifty-five percent states that it all depends on the situation. These situations would include rape, incest, and the interrogation of the mother's life, but according to the statistics only one percent are performed because of rape or incest, one percent is because of fetal abnormalities, and finally three percent are because due to the mothers health problems.

There are many forms of abortions.

The most horrific is the Partial Birth and the Sauline Abortions. These forms are performed during the third trimester of the woman's pregnancy.

The Partial Birth abortion is when the babies is sucked out by a vacuum and an incision is made with scissors in the area between the back of the baby's head and neck area. Then the baby's bran is sucked out. As for the Sauline abortion, this is when they inject a salt poisoning in the tube that the baby is fed through and this burns and kills the baby. In America sixty-one percent favor this kind of abortions according to the CNN News Poll.

Through the years of 1973 to 1996 there have been forty million abortions. From the year 1996 there have been 4,000 abortions each day. Comparing the dates 1973 and 1996; in 1973 there have been 744,600 abortions...