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Is it the mere removal of a developing egg or is it committing murder? As the focus of much debate for decades in our society, abortion is a controversial issue in which two main perspectives have formed: pro-choice and pro-life. One question posed is, "Would prohibiting abortion save lives or would it simply be limiting our freedom?" In the article "My Views as a Pro-Life Woman," Carolyn Gargaro discusses her beliefs on abortion contesting the arguments of pro-choice advocates in order to make hers seem more believable. I, however, recognize Gargaro's words as distorted and illogical. More than evading the issue that banning abortion would severely limit a woman's freedom, Gargaro does not support her arguments with concrete evidence.

Although Gargaro's information may appear credible, the evidence she cites in order to support her arguments is often the result of unscientific and, therefore, unprofessional assumptions and misinterpreted data. For example in the article, Gargaro states "the beginning of human life is not a religious, moral, or philosophical issue; it is a scientific and biological one...once

there are 46 chromosomes, that one cell has all of the DNA, the whole genetic code for a genetically distinct human being" (1). I am not denying the fact that the fetus is alive; I do, however, question Gargaro's authority to declare that those 46 chromosomes are equivalent to a human being. What defines a living human being? When I look to describe the people I know, I don't point out just the physical features, I also look at their character. Possessing an individual soul and personality makes each human being is inherently unique. Gargaro may claim this issue to be scientific (despite the fact that her scientific knowledge is lacking),but I assure you these topics are of a philosophical and religious nature. While science...