Abortion: From The Beginning To The Present.

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A teenage girl goes off to a party with a couple of her friends to hang out. At the party this girl ends up drinking alcohol. She notices the cute boy from a class at school keeps eyeing her. She approaches him and next thing you know, they disappeared into the bedroom. Six weeks later this girl goes to the doctor complaining of stomach problems and no sign of menstruation. The doctor has her take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive. She panics because she isn't ready for a child. She has heard about abortion but knows there are mixed feelings about it amongst society. She doesn't know what to do...

Abortion is one of the most controversial and important subjects of this generation. Its controversy has stirred up a lot of different opinions and protests around the world in hopes to keep it legal or make it illegal.

According to AbortionFacts.com, one in four of our generation is not living because they were killed before they were born. There are even voting blocks that vote solely according to the abortion issue. Abortion has affected many people. It's likely that everyone reading this paper has known someone who has had an abortion. One out of every six women has had an abortion according to EMedicineHealth.com. The average yearly abortions done worldwide are approximately 46 million.

In the early 1800's people realized that life began when fertilization occurs. Previously, people believed that life began when the mother felt the baby moving inside of her. In 1869 the British Parliament passed the "Offenses Against the Persons Act" which made abortions a felony punishment after fertilization occurs. In the United States, most of the states had laws ruling against abortion around the turn of the century. It wasn't until the late...