Abortion - The ongoing ethical battle between right and wrong. A rebuttal to a one sided arguement against abortion.

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Abortion, a battle that'll rage through this century, right or wrong, good or bad, religion or science? Well I'm here to capture the essence of the other side of the battlefield where I'm debating for abortion.

THIS IS A REBUTTAL: The text I'm referring to is given on this link, it might be helpful to go there and read that article first.


This is an article called abortion by Droberts: http://www.cheathouse.com/user/user_view.php?p_user_id=156145

A note to the people out there....*sarcasm* is a language of the future. =P

Well for starters the whole world ain't religious. Don't take me wrong mate, I respect everyone's religion not only mine, but sometimes science clashes with religion. So don't take offence if I simply state, a ovary is an living organism as well, yet a female lets one die each month. (I hope I don't offend anyone). Is it cruel of them to let every possible form of life they could create die each month? How cruel of females! They should be punished for eternal hell for their evil deed of killing every single potential life slip by them at every opportunity since they were 13.


Well okay fine! It is a moral and ethical issue of taking away a life of a, QUOTE "Innocent Precious Jewel", but look at it this way, that innocent child does not feel anything, they are not conscience of their surroundings. This is something that probably has yet to be proven, but the foetus inside the womb is not wary of its surroundings. It might aswell be a growing tree, with no feelings inside its unconscious state, and us capitalists have no problem cutting down tree's. Or better yet we have no problem eating a chicken's egg, which is potentially a living organism...