Abortion is it right or wrong

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ABORTION Presently, one of the most complex and emotional dilemmas facing modern society is that of abortion. The complexity of this dilemma has caused controversy throughout the nation. It has raised many fundamental questions such as who has the right to make the decision to abort a child, the female or the male? It has also raised many moral questions, questions that differ among society. Societies' view on abortion has been greatly influenced by factors beyond ones control. Dealing mainly with circumstances that a woman has little or no control over. These circumstances are unfortunate and often lead to ones decision to have an abortion. The reasons as to why a woman may have an abortion varies from individual to individual. A woman may have an abortion with or without the consent of her partner. Ones religious beliefs may play a minor role in influencing the decision. The Roman Catholic Church feels strongly about abortion and prohibits it entirely.

A woman between the ages of 16-25 may choose to have an abortion because of the lack of contraceptives and carelessness. Whereas, a woman between the ages of 35-45 may have an abortion due to medical, social, or economic reasons. By definition, abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus is visible or capable of living outside the womb. It is also defined as the termination of a pregnancy before twenty-eight weeks. In modern society, abortion has become the number one birth control pill. Women who become pregnant often consider abortion as their first option. If they are not ready to take the responsibility of raising a child, they choose to have an abortion. Today, women believe that if one becomes pregnant, an abortion is the answer. This is how abortion has become known as an effective birth control...