Abraham Lincoln

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In the book, Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution, James M. McPherson analytically gives the reader insight to sectionalism occurring between the North and South and Abraham Lincoln's importance throughout Pre-Civil War to Civil War era. He chooses to accomplish these tasks through enriched essays. In the essays, his tedious research spilled onto the pages of his book recording incredible amounts of information. He constantly contrasts the North and South within the book. After reading the book, the reader can conclude that the North and South are two separate countries. He not only describes the sectionalism of the North and South, but he also analyzes Lincoln with great detail. He informatively explains the success of Abraham Lincoln while describing specific actions to support his arguments. He claims Lincoln to be a smart politician, powerful leader, and intelligent strategist while backing the claims with powerful facts.

The book was extremely informative, but lacked interesting details.

McPherson does provide the reader with a better understanding of Lincoln and the sectionalism between the North and South. However, he fails to address interesting issues that would grab the reader's attention. Unless the reader enjoys reading material on the Civil War, the book seems boring. McPherson effectively accomplishes his intentions. He justifies his intentions by creating a detailed oriented book that describes with utmost detail the sectionalism between the North and South and Abraham Lincoln. McPherson does an excellent job of being fair and unbiased. Although sometimes he does not discuss both sides of the argument, he backs up his theses with facts. He also respects the facts, thus prohibiting any distortion that might occur. Overall the work teaches important facts of the differences between the North and South and Abraham Lincoln, but the work not interesting.

The work is unfortunately boring.