Abraham Lincoln

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I believe this book to be a very factual and explanatory story of the President's assassination. I learned many interesting things about the events that led up to the day of assassination and on the day of the killing. Amoung these interesting facts, I read that before the assassination Edwin Booth, brother to John Wilkes Booth, saved the life of Robert Lincoln who was of course President Lincoln's son. The overall book focuses on the individual assassins and the conspiracy that led them to take Lincoln's life. The book does not just talk about the day of assassination but many years before and then after.

The major points of this book are the ones that tell us the facts we never knew. The first chapter of the book is intitled "A Haunting Dream" it told of how President Lincoln had a dream of his own assassination which would occur in later months.

The author of this book portrayed Lincoln as a very simple, religous and All-American man. Throughout the book he supports this with many examples. I believe the author illustrates how the best of people always rise and fall quickly but not without leaving a mark on history. The story that the author creates is very ironic.

John Wilkes Booth's father and grand-father were both actors. After Lincoln was shot he was taken to the Peterson house in which rooms were available to lay him down. The people carrying Lincoln asked for the best room available. They were led to a room of medium size with a bed. This room was a room that John Wilkes Booth's friend had stayed in and Booth himself once napped in. These are the sort of ironic facts the author throws in throughout the book. The major points of the...