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Abraham Harold Maslow was conceived April 1, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. His final resting place was Menlo Park, California June 8, 1970. Out of seven children Abraham was the eldest. His parents were Jewish immigrants who fled Russia in the early 20th Century in order to enable their kids the opportunity to receive a decent education because they were poor and uneducated themselves. Maslow's father verbally abused and degraded him to the extent he felt very unworthy. His mother was a mean, selfish, and cruel woman who never instilled any love or care into the children. It wasn't easy growing up in the neighborhood in which he was raised in either. Anti-Semitism in the streets and in the classrooms picked on him due to his religion. The early stages of his childhood consisted of him being mostly unhappy and a loner, exhausting most of his time indulged in books.

Abraham attended Boys High School in Brooklyn, where he was a member of several academic clubs. He also edited the Latin Magazine and the school's Physics paper for a year.

Eventually Maslow went on to attend City College of New York (CCNY) where he first studied law. After the third semester he transferred to Cornell but later return to (CCNY). Apparently this is when he and his first cousin Bertha Goodman jumped the broom. They went on to conceive two children. Both he and his wife attended the University of Wisconsin. Abraham received his BA, MA, and his PhD in psychology from this prestige's university. Once back in New York Maslow taught at Brooklyn College. Kurt Goldstein, who originated of the idea of self-actualization, shared responsibility as the chair of the psychology department there. Inspired by Kurt Goldstein's idea of self-actualization, Maslow began his studies on humanistic psychology. Amongst others...