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The invention, I am going to tell you, has completely changed our lives. I am going to tell you about television and films.

Its history begins in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers show the first picture. And only in 1926, Logie Baird demonstrates the first television system. This system is only pictures without sounds. And after one year people see the first "talking" movie. So now we can say, that television's history is not so old.

Even I didn't live in this time, but I can imagine how life was different before television inventing. To my mind, then were a lot of clever people, who were able to read various books and to learn from them. And also they knew various ways of spending their free time very well.

It's very sad, that now a lot of young people don't imagine their free time without television and films. They don't like reading books, magazines or newspapers. They learn many bad things such a cruelty from television and films. And it is a bad consequence.

But of course there are also good things. For example, every day we can find out what happening in the world or in our country. And also there are some TV programs, which teaches us languages or other thing. So I want to say that there are a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses.

I hope that television will change in the future, and there will be less cruelty and other bad things but there will be a lot of nice programs about nature, real life and good films without fighting and other disgusting things.