Ad Analysis Essay: About how pharmaceutical companys market their drugs.

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Amber Mullins

Ad Analysis Essay

If drugs are so good for you, then where are all the healthy drug takers? If you were to walk up to someone in the gym, and ask them "what drugs do you take" they would probably look at you like your crazy. Because most healthy people don't take drugs. In today's society the side effects of taking drugs are ignored, simply because of the short lasting pleasure that they bring to the people who use them.

Americans depend on drugs day in and day out. You would think that all people would know that drugs are bad for you. But not everyone realizes how harmful drugs really are. I grew up in an environment where the people around me used drugs. Whether it is prescription drugs or drugs that you can buy over the counter, such as cigarettes. I was surrounded by both of these types of drugs as a child, and a lot of children are.

For example, like most older people are, my grandmother was on multiple prescription drugs. The prescription drugs that she was taking, were suppose to treat her symptoms, and as a result make her a healthier person. But even though these prescription drugs were suppose to maker her healthier they didn't, she continued to get sicker and sicker. The prescription drugs didn't help the underlying problem they just caused more symptoms.

I was also surrounded by smokers growing up, which would be my mother and father. My father still to this day, smokes about two packs a day. His doctor informed him, that he was in the early stages of emphazema and that he should quit smoking before it got any worse. But of course he didn't quit, he wasn't willing to give up that short lasting pleasure...